Kota Kinabalu - Day 1.

by - Friday, July 13, 2012

 My partner in crime! Muahahaha!

A must to camwhore at every place we have been to, right? =D

 Me, Jiayeen and my luggage. =D

 Flight of the day.


The view up from the plane.

 I had nothing better do but camwhore.
Uh-oh~ Vainity overload. =O

KK's Sang Yuk Mee.

The ultimate juicy Pork Balls!
This shop located at Plaza Lintas.
It looks like Fook Chew Balls, right?

The "Yao Zha Guai" with butter and kaya.
 Does this looks familiar?

 Tune Hotels' Bed! 

Very soft and fluffy!

 Tune Hotels Kota Kinabalu.

Located right beside 1Borneo!

 Get to know a new friend.

Say Hello to Jess. =D

 Our car for 3 days. =P

 Philipino Market!

There are a lot of people doing sewing as their jobs.
They fix people's clothes and etc.


 Handicrafts Market Kota Kinabalu.

 Dinner time.

 Does this restaurant looks expensive?

 Lemon Chicken.

 Buttermilk Prawns.

 There are a lot of seafood here!

Seriously a lot of kinds!

 Live Abalone!

 Live clams!


 Tanjung Aru at night!

 There are more chilling places at the beach side.

 Played with the sea water, played with the sands.

 Grilled Chicken Wings.

 Fresh Cut Fruits.

 Grilled Corn.

Fresh Papaya Milk.

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