1st of May.

by - Tuesday, May 22, 2012

#1 1st of May remarked the 1st day my parents left me home alone!
Free and easy but seriously need to calculate every cents I spent!

1st of May, I was being "kidnapped" by someone to Port Dickson!
What is nice that this trip is not typical-just-beach trip. =D

#2 Kitty which has been meow-ing at me since the moment I entered into the restaurant.
I wonder why. Do I looked like a kitty?

#3 Dishes that we ordered.
2 people with 3 dishes.
We are FOOD monsters!

#4 Woof! Can you stop staring at me? =X

#5 Ostrich Farm.
Some place which I never thought of coming when I am in Port Dickson.

The 1st thing people thought about Port Dickson would be Beach.
But this is so rare. o.O

#6 Finally get to visit my "siblings".

#7 I never know Goat is so UGLY until I saw them with my own eyes!

#8 Peace with my siblings. =D

#9 Some snacks for animals feeding. =D

#10 Whoever think that ostrich is cute, YOU are so wrong!

#11 Their mouth is kinda sharp. =X AND HARD, of course!

#12 I managed to feed them with guidance. =D

#13 I never know QUILL is so cute!

#14 They actually look like White chicks!

So adorable I can die!

#15 Say Hello to Monkey!

#16 Monkey can use their hands to pick food from you yo! =P

#17 Donkeys!

Friendly Donkeys!

#18 I feel so excited to pat them!

They are just too nice to cuddle!

#19 What are you smelling???? You MORON donkey!

#20 I feel so paper light when I was standing on an ostrich egg!

#21 Ducks and Goose.

I thought that they are friendly.

#22 I was so wrong!!!
They BITTEN my thumb!
WTH, I know! =(

#23 I don't like the feelings of touching an Iguana. =.=

It felt so ROUGH! Like touching a rock.

#24 Rabbits!

Another adorable creatures!

#25 I just can't stop smiling while holding them! XD

#26 Loop Ears Rabbit!

Isn't it CUTEEEEEEE??? =D

#27 Guinea Pigs!

#28 "What do you want from me? Strangers?"

#29 A Chicken is sharing food with bunch of rabbits???

#30 Wanted to pour all the food into their bowl.

#31 My attempt was a failure.
Instead of pouring into their dish bowl, I poured ON the rabbits.
Sorryyyy! T____T

#32 Typical activity in Port Dickson.

#33 Wasn't prepare for this so ya, didn't get to try. =/

#34 Tanjung Buru. =D

#35 While we were on the way back, we passed by Seremban so we decided to bring back some Seremban Siew Pau!

We bought 14 siew paus in total!

#36 After this one day trip, a dinner with my lovely at a restaurant selling all dishes with BITTER GOURDS located at Taman Megah! =D

Fu Kua Restaurant
No. 19, Jalan SS 23/15,
Taman S.E.A.,
47400 Petaling Jaya,
Selangor, Malaysia.
Contact No.: +6016-219 1548/ +6016-243 4233
GPS Coordinates: N3 06.971 E101 36.736
Business Hours : 11am – 3pm & 5.30pm – 11pm

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