Sunday, March 4, 2012


Seriously, I have heard lots of dramas recently!!!
You will never expect even some guys will have these kinds of drama.
What on earth did those guys change into???

Okie, starting with this chart.
I created this chart based on one of my ex-boyfriends.
He used to say that there are many categories of being his friends.

Ok, back to the topic!
I seriously don't understand why do some guys wanna divide their friends into so many categories and causes their social cycle to be smaller which possibly leads to their pathetic life?
Why can't they just make their life simple? Not to say simply BUT simple.

I used to tell people that life is a colouring book. It is up to you to colour it with paints, colour pencils or whatever you want.

Get to know someone is a fate. Being friends with them is fate too.

This is my chart.
Simple much? I don't usually hate someone.
Anyone can be my friends but not anyone can be my best friends. =)

If I really treat you as friends, please cherish it.
If you don't, please fuck off. =D

This is from another person.
Obviously that the person will not cherish our friendship.
From what I asked that person, the answer that person gave me is totally telling me that "Hey, pleaseeeeeeee, I don't need you as my friend". LOL.

Oh well, if you really are cherish our friendship, I don't mind.

Just a simple ranting.
What kind of friendship chart do you have then? =)


Ken Wooi said...

My chart?

No Friend


Charmaine said...

Fuh I'm lucky ur chart is so simple or else I'll only qualify as hi-bye friend lol

Anonymous_X said...

A friend is someone who never bothers to ask whether you consider him/her as a friend.

Xue Ren said...

I treat anyone as my friends too, as long as they don't backstabbed me =O

Simple Person said...

Ur x bf got lots of enemy
Yup life should b simple.... Hehehe.....

Isaac Tan said...

ooh, interesting. Well, personally for me i try to not make enemies as far as possible. I don't see the point in hatred when we can be friendly and open.

mine probably would go something like Good friends -> friends ..hmm just realized that's only 2 categories. I'm so simple minded ><

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ph1l1p said...

here is much simpler. friends and not friends

Xing said...

This is so interesting. I shall use ur chart as a guide to life =)

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