Valentine's day 2012.

by - Monday, February 27, 2012

#1 Happy Belated Valentine's Day, People!
Sorry for this really late post due to all the classes and tiredness.

How did I celebrate my valentine's day?
To be frank, this year's v-day was my 1st year celebrated with friends. =D
My mum was kinda disappointed when I told her that I am going to celebrate my v-day with a girl. =.= *Hello? Mummy? Are you serious???*

Wanna know what have I done on that special and extremely jammed day? =P

#2 1st, I went out alone to get the chocolate bars and wrapped it individually. =D

#3 Then, I went to this Board Game Cafe named as Pitstop Cafe@Section 17 with my friends. =D

#4 Surprisingly, even this cafe also have this couple promotion.
Too bad that I am not using this. =D

#5 My date! =D
Heart heart u. =D

#6 Some of the snacks and drinks that we ordered at the cafe.
Their food actually tastes not bad.
Affordable and satisfying. =D

#7 This is the main purpose of us coming to this cafe!

Games! =D
They don't charge for games!
So it's good so that we can chill and play games as long as we want to. =D

#8 If you know how to play this, this seriously will drain your brain juice. =P

#9 The usual poker card games. =D

#10 Are you lucky enough to get the lucky stab? =D

#11 I have always heard of Jenga but never really played it.
This was my 1st time playing it and this is the LOVE version of Jenga! =D

#12 Dinner at there as well. =D

If you are interested in this cafe, these are the details. =D
Pitstop Cafe
No 672, Jalan 17/8,
Section 17, Petaling Jaya 46400,
03 – 79602421
11AM – 11.45PM (Daily)

#13 Next next! Dreamz Bakery after dinner! =D

#14 They always serve a lot of kinds of cake! =D

#15 Love-shaped Macaroons! XD

#16 How can I resist of not posing with their v-day special? =D

#17 See? Even the guys took pictures of the desserts NON-STOP! XD

#18 My date somehow suddenly fell in love with my phone games. LOL.

#19 Do I need to say more about how it tastes like? =P

#20 Vanilla-flavoured Layered Cake. =D

A must order ones! XD

#21 V-day Special!

It looks extremely suits the theme but a bit too sweet.
I don't really like it though. =X

#22 Caramel Pudding.

I found another place which make NICE caramel pudding!
Here! XD My new love! ^^

#23 Creme Bulee.

Not bad but I prefer my caramel pudding. =D

#24 Hello Kitty Cookies! Awww~ I am melted~

#25 The "dead bodies" of the v-day special. =.=
*censor censor*

#26 Total 10 people have received my v-day blessings!
These are 6 of them! XD

#27 These are the remaining 4 of them. =D

P.s. If you said you like me, why didn't I see you do anything for me?
I don't really believe in words but actions. =)

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