Stickman's upcoming 5th Birthday Bash.

by - Sunday, February 19, 2012

#1 1st of all, let me introduce who is this Stickman?
He is......the logo of NUFFNANG! XD

Looks familiar to you, isn't it?

Ok, now now, let's back to the original topic that I am going to talk about which is.....
"how you think the famous Nuffnang stick man should celebrate his 5th birthday."

Firstly, I think that normally people will opt for Poolside party,isn't it?
People get to see hot guys in swimming trunks and hot girls in Bikinis.
Oh yeah? =P

Secondly, another most common way of celebrating birthday will be Clubbing during birthday?
Let's get drunk and dance the night away!
*Holding stickman's hands and dancing happily*

Thirdly, organise a house party?
Invite friends, neighbour, families to have a birthday gathering.

Maybe we are able to meet stickman mama, stickman papa, stickman sis, stickman bro and etc? =D

Fourthly, Travel around alone or with friends during your birthday.
Experience more new stuff and widen up circle. =D

Stickman could be a WISE and SMART stickman!

Fifthly, celebrating with the loved ones.
Time to get Stickman wifey! =P

Sixthly, Eat more, grow more.
Food is to enjoy, not to suffer. =P

According to scientific investigation, stickman should eat more in order to grow fatter as TRUNKMAN a.k.a. TREE TRUNKMAN. =P

Seventhly, Celebration at Karaoke room.
Who knows maybe the natural instinct of this stickman is a singer? =P

Nuffnang will be celebrating their 5th birthday so what are you waiting for? =DD
See you there! *maybe* =X

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