The Mage Cafe@Damansara Jaya.

by - Saturday, February 11, 2012

#1 The Mage Cafe@Damansara Jaya.

What to do with friends when you all are really bored of just sitting down and have a tea?
Fancy board games? =D

The Mage Cafe provides lots of board games, included the normal ones and the European board games.

#2 Look at the amount of board games they have there!

#3 Woah woah!

#4 Ice Lemon Tea.

Tastes weird though but we were there to play their games.
So, focus more on their games. =)

#5 Ice Peach Tea.

Just an ordinary peach tea, nothing special. =)

#6 Chicken and Mushroom Soup.

Not as nice as I thought.

*seems like their food not an attraction*

#7 We wanted to play Taboo.

Taboo is too time consuming because you need to act it out and let other people to guess it.

#8 One of the games we played is Uno Stacko.

This can really be extreme when everyone were trying so hard not to make the tower collapse!

#9 Earl Grey Tea.

Another ordinary tea.
As I said, their food might not be the main attraction to customers. =)

#10 Lychee Sorbet.

Errrrrrr....a bit too sweet!
Sorry, I don't fancy something which is too sweet. =X

#11 You will ended up think very hard if you play Uno Stacko. =D

#12 Halli Galli, another game that we played.

It is like the speed game, just that it is with a bell and the cards with FRUITS instead of patterns and numbers. =D

#13 Wasabi, another game that we played.

The name sounds cool, isn't it?
It is actually a Bingo Games, just that it is with the Japanese Food Ingredients!
Seriously, it is very time consuming. =.=

#14 This is how it looks like. =)

We didn't try playing the other European board games because the instructions itself can seriously kill us. Huge amount of instructions that I rather study something else. LOL.

If you are interested in visiting this cafe, these are the details. =D

The Mage Cafe
32, Jalan SS22/21,
Damansara Jaya,
47400 Petaling Jaya,
(besides Splash Gamuda)

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