What is feminine?

by - Friday, January 20, 2012

I shall start this post with the meaning of FEMININE!

Femininity (also called womanliness or womanhood) is a set of attributes, behaviors, and roles generally associated with girls and women. Though socially constructed, femininity is made up of both socially defined and biologically created factors. This makes it distinct from the simple definition of the biological female sex, as women, men, and transgender people can all exhibit feminine traits.
(Thanks to Wikipedia, sorry that I lazy to cite it one by one. =P)

My mum once said it as a joke, " I think I accidentally mistaken you as a girl and your brother as a guy." =P

Womanliness, do I have? I wonder? Maybe I do, maybe I don't. =P
Let's check point on me k? =)

1st, I love Extreme Activities, like Flying fox, Paintball and etc.
Do real girls really love it? =P

2nd, I prefer Fist Bumping with guys I met instead of saying Hello or hugging them.
Hmmm.....even if I am wearing a very feminine long dress. =P

3rd, I have more male friends than female friends.
That's kinda normal though, I guess?

4th, I play Online Games like seriously!
Left4Dead, Dota, Maplestory and etc.

5th, Sometimes talking to GUYS are way more comfortable because they will ask you to screw your problems and ask you to have fun!
*Proven by myself*

6th, I always like to tease guys who give me funny responds.
I admitted I do have a little of feeling of Victory when they give me the speechless look. =P

7th, I can be really close to my male best friends but we treat each other like brothers. =X

8th, I tend to always act as the male role when I am with my real girl friends.

Why am I a girl?

1st, My IC said so la! =P

2nd, My biological physical showed that! =D

3rd, Because my mama said so. =P
4th, I do have a soft voice, but not very soft though. =X

5th, I love doing some of the girls' stuff too!
Like dressing up and etc? =P

6th, Because I am not a guy but I have guy's attitude.

Just a random post. =P
Yo, readers! =P

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