Organic Recipe Food Review.

by - Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Tucked in tranquil surroundings and nested among the lush greeneries, discover this charming fresh food restaurant that comes with complete menu – you’ll bound to find something for everyone in the family. From Asian to Western and anything in-between, come enjoy a wholesome dining experience!
At Organic Recipe, we use as much organic produce as possible and steer clear of using monosodium glutamate (MSG) in order to bring out the best in every dish. We also carefully selected our ingredients which is free from preservative, artificial colouring and flavouring. We offer a healthier alternative dining experience to everyone. We promote healthily eating without compromising on taste; makes eating healthily look so effortless.
While waiting for your food, take a walk around our health- food store. Here you’ll find an extensive collection of organic and health products on sale, from organic vinegars and flours to shampoo and detergents.
#1 Boss of the restaurant. =D
#2 Organic food tastes not bad though. =P
I shall change my impression towards it.

Organic food is not only about VEGETABLES but also some other ingredients like fruits, cereals and etc.

#3 They were trying to promote their organic products.
Explaining, promoting.

#4 I tried this at some other places before.

Vege and Fruits Chips. =D

#5 This is to replace Chicken Floss that we usually eat. =D

#6 Dried Cranberries. =)

#7 More and more organic products. =D

#8 Sushi sushi?

#9 They converted the common finger foods into organic finger foods. =D

#10 Mushrooms. =)

#11 Fruits Salad. =)

#12 Not to forget about this Organic CNY cookies.
Sorry, I am not a fan of CNY cookies. =D

#13 Overview of the Buffet Finger foods. =)

#14 Time for some real complete Organic meal. =P

#15 Honey Lime. =D

#16 Organic Tom Yum!

Not too bad though but need some sweetness from seafood. =D

#17 Long Bean. =)

#18 Fried Mushroom but actually tastes like fried squid's tentacles. =D

#19 Assam Mock Fishes. =D

#20 Brown Rice. =)

#21 Tom Yum in Coconut. =D

#22 Mock Meat perhaps? =)

#23 Sweet and Sour Fortune Rolls. =D

#24 Fruits Pizza. =D

#25 Tiramitsu! =DDD

#26 Taufoo with Tau Miu. =D

It can't be compared to our usual meal as our usual meal contains other ingredients, like meat, seafood and etc to boost up the taste. =)
As an organic meal, it is yet very satisfied and healthy. =)

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