Once Upon a Time.

by - Sunday, January 15, 2012

Back in year 2011, I went to visit orphanages' home with my club members.
It was a great experience and yet a sad ones.
I get to experience a lot from them even though I am obviously elder than them.
All they showed me are smiles, joy, tough, independent.

I love kids but orphanages are different, most of them are lack of love.
They actually hope that someone that they are comfortable with could bring them home and live with them.

**P.S. I know I look like a mummy in this photos. Don't laugh =.=**

We played games with them, spent time with them.
Yes, we gave them joy, bring them sweet memories but at the end of the day, we still have to be apart.
I was thinking, is that every of the visitors who pay a visit to them made them to have that kind of hard feelings? Or am I just getting too close to them?

This girl named Bernice.
She really sticks to me a lot but sadly is she keep telling me "My house's lanterns are way more beautiful".
I was stunned and at the same time, I am curious about her background but I never let my curiosity lead the way.
Everyone have their own stories.

We are blissful and lucky enough to cherish what's in your life before it's too late. =)

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