My 2011 version of Christmas.

by - Friday, January 06, 2012

#1 My Christmas?

I always wonder how do people celebrate Christmas.
I am not christian and my family don't celebrate Christmas and of course some other issues occurred. =)

Let's skip the mumbling part and continue with the main topic ya. =)

#2 I watched Alvin and the Chipmunks 3 alone. =)

Yes, alone. You didn't read it wrongly. =D
Was kinda moody until Christmas Night. =)
I will not tell you why. *wink*

#3 Before movie, only a cup of MCD Ribena and Galaxy Tab are my companions. =)

#4 After movie, a cup of Hot Dark Chocolate accompanied me till 7pm. =)

#5 Of course the Galaxy Tab too. =D

Alone can be pricey too. =.=

#6 7pm, my wife came to pick me up for Christmas Service at her church.

#7 Isn't she cute?
She's mine. Don't ever think of dating her. =P
*my precious my precious*

#8 Lots of people too. =D

#9 1st time singing Christmas Carol with bunch of people. =D

To be frank, I like it. =P

#10 My wife was performing.
I was so eager to dance alone with her. =P

Christmas isn't about how you celebrate it.
It is about how you see it.
Friends, Family, Loved ones. =)

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