Malacca One day Trip.

by - Tuesday, January 03, 2012

#1 7am and I need to drive to Sunway to meet up with my unimates. =S

#2 Crystal and "Ah mat" of the day, Kok Peng! =DD

#3 1st stop!
Jonker's Street! =D

#4 Chicken Rice Balls, of course. =P
Chewy and sticky texture but I like! =D

#5 with the the CHILI sauce. Oh yum! =P

#6 Chicken and more chicken pieces. =P

#7 A complete set of Chicken Rice. =D

#8 St. Paul Church!
Yes, either I never been here before or I was too young to remember that. =X

#9 The 3 pretty girls of the day. =D

#10 Lots of souvenirs are being sold there. =D

#11 Flowery Tricycle. =D

#12 Up up up the stairs. =D

#13 Malacca river. =D

#14 Finally get to get close to it. =D

#15 Next stop - Baba Nyonya Heritage Museum. =)

#16 This is a private museum.
That's why no photography are allowed in it. =)

and the entrance fee is RM10 per person. =)

#17 Lunch time! =D

Nyonya Food@Nancy's Kitchen! =D

#18 No, it isn't beer!

It is just a jug of TEA! =D
**I am good girl who doesn't drinks alcoholic drinks k!** =D

#19 Tired+Lansi look. >.<

#20 Assam Prawns. =)

#21 Chicken Ponteh. =D

#22 Let's nom nom nom now. =P

#23 At 1st we ordered this mixed vegetables but it came with the burned taste.
We complained and they changed to another dish for us. =)

#24 Kankung Belacan, this is what we got as replacement. =)

#25 Cendol. =PP

#26 We went to Tan Kim Hock to shop for some souvenirs.

We actually got lost in Malacca town and in the end we relied on GPS to find this. =/

#27 Next stop - Portugese's Settlement. =)

**You jump, I jump!** =P

#28 The long bridge which lead to our "Siok Sendiri" mode. =P

#29 Here he goes, the emotard! =P

#30 Sea, is my home.
Sea, is my love.

#31 We looked cool?

Oh yea, I knew it. =P

#32 4 of us. =P

**I love my camera** =P

#33 Heavy Storm. =(

#34 Crystal was trying to push Kok Peng to death? O__O

#35 Next next, Nadeje! Woo hoo! Mille Crepes!

#36 Tiramitsu! =D

#37 Original. =P

#38 2 by 2. =P

#39 After that, we wanted to go Capitol for our Satay Celup dinner.

Yes, it wasn't open! Bad luck us. =(

#40 In the end, we went to this!

A'Famosa Satay Celup! =P

#41 The 4 eaters. =D

#42 Some of OUR Ingredients.

#43 Still empty. =(

#44 All in! =DDD

#45 69 sticks!

Jiayeen(me) - 21 sticks
Peng - 20 sticks
Teng - 14 sticks
Crystal - 13 sticks

Oops! I am the champion. =P

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