Impacts of Year 2011.

by - Saturday, January 07, 2012

Year 2011

#1 There was once I nearly quit-ed blogging because of my ex-boyfriend but in the end, I didn't.

#2 I did my FIRST presentation during this year. Scary much but it went well.

#3 Heartbroken. Nah, it won't be heal but the scar will slowly fade.

#4 My one and only companion throughout these years, Lucky passed away.

#5 I tried Paintball for the first time and yes, I did have lots of fun but lightly injured myself.

#6 1st time went on some short trips with my friends.

#7 Got my 1st car, Proton but satisfied much.

#8 Got closer to my best buddies.

#9 Went sleepover at friends' places for quite a number of times.

#10 Changed in terms of physical and mental.

#11 Went clubbing with friends without any invitation of events.

#12 Drove around, of course.

#13 Bought a new camera for myself, Baby Lumix.

#14 Tried Roller Skates and loved it.

#15 Tried riding on a bicycle but dislike it.

#16 Went to visit orphanages' home and I felt bad because made the kids like us and then we have to leave them.

#17 Joined Famine30. Fun, Tired but I did enjoy. I was foolish enough to try to seek for his existence.

#18 Joined two university proms in one year and both also not under my university. ACCA prom and Lancaster prom.

#19 Did a lot of reviews in this year. Happening much but fattening too.

#20 1st time working as a part-time photographer at Johnnie Walker Black Circuit Brazil.

#21 Emotionally unstable several times and I actually hate it.

#21 Worked a lot as an usherette.

#22 Went to Krabi with family. It's been a while since we last went overseas for vacation.

#23 Made myself alone. Enjoy a drink alone, watch movie alone. Don't you think so, after all, no one will ever stay by your side forever?

#24 Tried Go-kart for the 1st time and of course, I love it.

#25 Went to Church for the 1st time during Christmas.

#26 My Grandpa passed away.

#27 As usual, I still don't usually show my true emotions in front of anyone. =)

**FYI, Just telling the facts! No Emo Nemo k!**

Year 2012

@1 I should always consider about myself 1st.

@2 Pass all my subjects in one shot with at least few HDs.

@3 Might be leaving Malaysia for a long while. I seriously don't want to think much.

@4 Get more jobs, earn more money.

@5 Be even more independent, never rely on anyone.

@6 Smile more.

@7 Work hard, play hard, study hard.

@8 Be happy.

@9 Involve in more charitable activities.

@10 Blog more, never plan to quit blogging again.

@11 and it goes on......=D

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