Hennessy NyX Launch Party.

by - Monday, January 09, 2012

#1 I shall allow the pretty usherette greet you with her great wide smile. =D

Date: 5th of January 2012
Time: 6.30p.m.
Event: Hennessy NyX Launch Party

#2 This is the new Hennessy NyX!
Say Hello. =D

#3 Register to join the party. =D

#4 More Hennessy NyX! =D

#5 Prepare to partyyyyy? =D

#6 Everyone are getting to get high! =)

#7 Photo opt for guests to snap pictures with the Hennessy NyX Background. =)

#8 Emcee of the day. =)

#9 Us, bloggers. =D

I don't know why do I looked so cute here. LOL.

#10 Isn't she looks coooool? =D

#11 DJs were spinning the discs and heating up the partyyyy. =P

#12 Spot my back. =P

Dance dance dance all the way. =D

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