Friday, October 28, 2011

7aste Moscow is coming to town!

7aste Moscow happening this 2nd of December 2011 @ Laundry Bar, The Curve!!

7aste Moscow (7aste pronounced as Taste) will be the final themed-event of the year and would surely bring you a lavish experience. Hosted by our favourite gossip girl from Hitz.FM, Fay Hokulani will certainly wow the crowd through the unique inspirations of Moscow throughout the night.

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Wanna party with me and celebrate my BIRTHDAY with me on that day itself?

Then see you there! XD


Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Tee Intellectual Property - Trademark, Copyrights & Patent Expert.

You might ask...
"What is Patents?"
"What is trademarks?"

Ok, there are answers for the questions. =D
[Trademarks protect the brand name of a product and associate that product with the company supplying it. Trade Marks can be protected under the Malaysia Trade Marks Act 1976.]

[Patents are exclusive rights granted under Malaysia Patents Act 1983. Once a patent is granted, it excludes others from making, using or selling the claimed invention.]


LinkLet me introduce you a company which deals with all these
- Tee Intellectual Property Company.

It is a company which based in Malaysia and helps clients in securing and protecting their intellectual property assets.

Want to know more about the company? Please visit !!!

Some of their professional services are:

For more info? Feel free to ask for more info or drop by their company!

TEE IP SDN. BHD. (903530-X)
Suite 32-2, Jalan Dwitasik, Dataran Dwitasik, Bandar Sri Permaisuri, Cheras 56000 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Phone: +603-9171 2716
Fax: +603-9172 3007

Sunday, October 16, 2011

(Pre) Tri-Factor Glam Night.

Tri-Factor Glam Night

“Rediscovering Fashion from a New Dimension” - A New and Dynamic Concept for Fashion Shows
Date: 22nd October 2011
Time: From 6pm onwards
Venue: KL Live

Did you know that Tri-Factor Glam Night is the first ever Fashion concept show?

It actually combines 3 fashion elements:
2) Fashion Photography
3) Fashion Designing

In teams of 3, contestants will compete for the ‘Tri-Factor Glam Night Champions’ title.

The panel of judges for Tri-Factor Glam Night consists of the top talents in the fashion industry, they are:
  • Gillian Hung (President of Malaysian Official Designers’ Association)
  • Michael Ong (Renowned Avant-Garde Fashion Designer)
  • Eleen Yong (Asian Supermodel)
  • Amelia Tan (Owner of Starmaker Talent Agency)
  • Jacky Koh (PaddyField Studio’s Photographer)

Want to know which team is the champion team?
Grab your tickets now!

It's only RM50 (students), RM80 (non-students), RM300 (V.I.P.). For more details? Please contact Alison Tee (014-6466254) or visit!

What are you waiting for?? =D

Monday, October 10, 2011



Cervical & Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign

A voluntary collaboration between Assunta Hospital, Asia Assistance, Jaya One and Pj Live
Arts founded to encourage the community to support the cause for cervical & breast cancer
awareness and early detection.

It also helps to raise funds for the Community Treatment Program at Assunta Hospital that
provides aid to cancer patients from the low income group.

It started out as Passionately Pink Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign mainly targeted at
females aged 25 years old and above to encourage awareness and detection. In 2009, cervical
cancer was added to the campaign cause to further stress the importance of healthcare.

• Main Objective
Raise awareness (to educate people on how to detect, what to do, and how to deal
with) to the masses, starting from 18 years old and moving upwards to 45 years old.

• Secondary Objective
Fund raising for Assunta Hospital Foundation’s Social Welfare Fund. The Foundation
provides subsidized or free-of-charge treatments to patients in the low income group.

Don’t Duck It

A social media campaign under Passionately You that aims to help further our reach to the
public using social media in various forms and ideas, sharing various on-ground awareness
events and activities as well as hoping to create a viral effect in order to draw more attention
towards our cause and to share knowledge on early detection and prevention of breast and
cervical cancer.

How To Join The Army?

• Pledge at and stand a chance to win a 32-inch
Panasonic LCD TV.
Take a photo with ‘Don’t Duck It’ sculpture and win prizes.
• Be part of the Wall of Heroes and Heroines by submitting your photo HERE!!
• Contribute a quote or story that you want to share HERE.
• Spread the word by printing our lovely doorhanger and placing it in every other place
you frequent so that nobody misses the message. It’s all about being caring and fun
Download it HERE.
• Add a #dontduckit Twibbon to your Twitter/Facebook display picture to show your
support. #Dontduckit Twibbon can be added HERE.
• Buy the #dontduckit T-shirts and Charity Raffle Tickets to support the campaign! You
can contact Assunta Hospital, Asia Assistance, or Jaya One. Check out the details

Visit What’s Quacking for more info on the latest updates and latest events regarding
Passionately You and Don’t Duck It.
You should be a part of it, whether you are a male or female because it doesn’t only affect the
women but it affects the family-bonding entirely! Do your part to make it a better future.
Every pledge counts!

*In case you still don't know what's happening! These are the details!*

Event: Don’t Duck It Party by Passionately You
Venue: Palm Square, Jaya One
Date: 22 October 2011 (Saturday)
Time: 12pm till 10.30pm