Tutti Frutti Review.

by - Thursday, December 29, 2011

#1 Tutti Frutti, Publika.

#2 Frozen Yogurt Machines. =D

#3 4 steps for the Yummy Frozen Yogurt.

RM5.30/100 g. =))

#4 Benefits of having Frozen Yogurt. =P

#5 Don't know what is Tutti Frutti?

*Awww~ you are so outdated if you don't know. =P*

#6 Toppings.

#7 And more toppings. =P

#8 Want some chocolate waffles or some syrup with your frozen yogurt? =D

#9 How about some other unexpected/expected toppings? =P

#10 Comes with 3 sizes!

Large, Regular, Small. =P

#11 Here it comes. Mine! =)

Green apple flavoured with fruits, gummy bears and chocolate syrup. =D

#12 Jiayeen loves Tutti Frutti! =D
Do you?

#13 The usual environment for Tutti Frutti. =)

#14 The 6 flavours for Tutti Frutti Frozen Yogurt. =)

#15 Jayren's Cookies and Cream flavoured with Honey stars, Choco Balls and raisins. =P

#16 Alicia's Tutti Frutti flavoured with Fruits and Strawberry syrup.

#17 Choulyew's Original flavoured with cornflakes.

#18 Ryan's Death by Chocolate flavoured with Choco Balls, cornflakes and Hershey Hardshell Chocolate Syrup. =D

#19 Our 5 Cups of Frozen Yogurt.
Which one do you opt for? =)

Do look for the promotion at MyCoupon! Only available at Solaris Dutamas!


Solaris Dutamas,

No. 1, Jalan Dutamas 1, 50480, KL

Our Tutti Frutti Experience from summerspring90 on Vimeo.

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