Krabi Day 2 Part 2.

by - Tuesday, December 13, 2011

#1 I was being requested by the tour guide to snap picture with the scenery. =D

He actually told me "Your smile like flower". OMG! O_O

#2 Hey Fishy fishy~ Come and get your food here~ XD

#3 Food was being included in the island tour package. =D

#4 2nd island, Chicken island. =)

#5 Hello~ again~ XD
I actually like the "me" in this picture. =)
I looked super duper comfy and enjoying the sunlight. =D

#6 If and only if I know how to swim. =X

#7 3rd island, Poda Island.

#8 Swing, swing, held me up high~ XD

#9 Grilled corn is love!

Recommended by me yo =D

#10 A must-have picture with this lovely corn. =D

#11 Daddy-kins with the corn. =D

#12 Thai coconut is another love in Thailand. =D

#13 This one actually looks like an elephant to me. =X

#14 Fourth and last island, Phranang Cave! =D

#15 Aren't they cute? ^^

#16 There are boats which are selling food and other stuffs. =P

#17 Curious about this temple? =DD

#18 This temple is actually for the blessing of the married couples without children. =P

Do I need to say more? =P

#19 Tiny yet so huge. =)

#20 Dinner time!

Strawberry Shake!

For your information, there are lots of stall selling fruit shakes around Krabi.
I wonder why. Hmm....=/

#21 Omelette+White Rice.

#22 Fried Squids.

#23 Thai Fried Noodles.

Similar to Char Kuay Teow but nicer. =D

#24 Went to night market again. =D

This time with Banana Pancake. =D

#25 Banana Pancake+Condensed Milk+Sugar. =D

#26 Thai style "Oh Jian" is so not recommending by me. =/

#27 Grilled Squid. =DDD

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