Krabi Day 2 Part 1.

by - Sunday, December 11, 2011

#1 Day 2!

Time for some bitches! Oops, it's beaches! =D

We went to the 4 islands!

Chicken Island.
Tup Island.
Phranang Cave.
Poda Island.

#2 Keyboard Slipper!

#3 Bought some food for the fishes too, of course. =D

#4 They used this truck to stuff everyone in.

Efficient and effective enough! Woah! =D

#5 street of Krabi Beach. =D

#6 On the way to the islands.

With boat (of course), not car. =X

#7 Jiayeen and her mum. =D

#8 whale-shaped of island. =D

#9 Welcome to our 1st stop, Tup Island!

#10 Jiayeen was here at Tup Island. =)

#11 Usual smile+sunglasses+clothes on. =D

#12 Usual smile+sunglasses+bikinis on. =D

*Flat and fat, I knowwww* =X

#13 Clear water, nice weather and sunny day. =D

#14 Legs in water. =D

#15 Sorry, I don't know how to swim. =(
But I do enjoy the beaches, waves, scenery and more. =D

#16 Poor daddy. =P

#17 Boats and more boats. =D

#18 Mummy was lonely. =O

#19 Mum and daughter. =D

#20 Mum and dad. =)

#21 One family but without my brother. =(

#22 Actually Tup Island is connected to the other island with a sand pathway. =D

#23 The emo me. =O

#24 Snorkeling! =D

But I didn't go for it. =/

#25 Even you are not a swimmer, you can still go for it but with a life jacket. =D

#26 Small small fishes are awaiting for you to feed them. =D

#27 Nom nom nom nom~ scary small fishes. =X

There is another part 2 for Day 2! =D Stay tuned!

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