City Golf Simulator.

by - Wednesday, December 07, 2011

#1 City Golf Simulator @Bangsar Shopping Centre.

Interested in golf?
But dislike the hot weather?

Now, you can do it in indoor. =D

#2 Bar that provides you the water aid. =P

#3 Golf clubs. =)

#4 The staff actually did demo for us so that we are more familiar with the simulator. =)

#5 Yeongboon was the 1st one who tried it.

#6 Then Elwyn.

#7 Me. =D

#8 Choulyew.

#9 Melissa.

#10 Jayren.

#11 Benjamin.

It was a great experience as we always don't have the chance to try Golf.
Now, we can just pay a small amount of money and enjoy the joy of playing Golf. =)

#12 Prices are listed as above. =) Affordable, isn't it? =D

City Golf
Bangsar Shopping Centre
Kuala Lumpur
+0603 2282 0011
Facebook Page
Official Website

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