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by - Friday, December 23, 2011

Natural Shea Butter Soap, Bath & Skincare
All our products are made from the finest flower and plant essences to the higher standard, we use only food/natural grade ingredients and most of it is “organic” or “wild grown”. 98% of our raw materials are imported from producers that are employ earth friendly and sustainable harvesting practice.
The Unique Benefits of Our Cold CraftedÒ Soap
  • Traditional Handmade “Cold” Process
  • Retains the Best in the Natural Ingredients
  • Uniquely Gentle Creamy Lather
  • Biodegradable and Environmentally Safe
  • No Animal Tested

Our products are producing fresh in small batches and to be finish in a short period of time due to no chemical preservation to ensure our customer’s health and safety. We are also believed in full ingredients disclosure and that all customers have the right to know what they are putting on in their body. If it is in our product, it’s listed on the label.
Most importantly our products does not contain “harmful chemical” or ‘’pollutants’’ such as:
  • SLS or SLES ~ Foaming Agent (That highly cause breast cancer after long term of usage)
  • EDC ~ Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals
  • EDTA & PARABEN ~ Preservative
  • PETROCHEMICALS ~ Widely use in commercial detergent products

Goodie bag with products for us to try. =)

Soap Dish.

A nice Leaf-shaped of soap dish! =)))

Spanish Petitgran.

All their ingredients are very pure and natural.
This product gives me a very refreshing kind of feelings after using it for few times. =)

Body & Massage Oil

Giving the purest massage oil for the maximum touch of massage. =)

Hand & Body Butter

Feeling skin dry? Just apply some on the dry areas. =DDD

It actually helps in providing moisture to the dry areas around my hand and body. =)))

Oatmeal Licorice Natural Facial Beauty Mud

No excessive chemical substances, provide you the best nutrients for your face. =)
At the same time, it also helps healing some of the tiny pimples that we usually we have. =P

Natural Bubbling Bath Melt

Want to enjoy Bubble Bath at home?
This will gives you your desired bubble bath. =D

It's time to enjoy my bubbly bath. =D

Cinnamon & Brazilian Tangerine Natural Shea Butter Soap

Contains the purest essential oil and helps to cure and lighten my scars on my back. =D

Natural Bath Salt

Different types of bath salt for different types of skin. =D
Giving me the different sensation for my bath. =)))

African Shea Butter Anti-wrinkle Eye Cream

Helps in lighten dark eye circles and wrinkles.
It do helps in lightening my dark eye circles from time to time. =)))

Are you a shopping online user? Do check out HERE to shop online for these products! =)

At the same time, they have their FACEBOOK fan page too! Click HERE for more info! =D

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