BackToNature Beauty Skincare Launch.

by - Thursday, December 15, 2011

#1 Back To Nature skincare has been officially launched @ The Mines Shopping Centre, 2nd floor, opposite Watsons!

#2 Jiayeen, Kate, Yeeing and the owner, Bell! =)

#3 All of their products are made of natural ingredients, like shea butter and etc. =)

#4 There are many types of products for different types of skin, like dry, sensitive and etc. =)

#5 The smell of the products are very pure and they do look very natural in terms of colours and texture. =)

#6 This is one of their products, Shea Butter Body Balm!

It can be used for balancing and conditioning skin, especially dry skin. =)

#7 Another nice product, Aroma Therapy Scent!

It contains the purest essential oil!

#8 Bath Salt.

Just 2 table spoons into your bath tub, it will give you the best bath ever. =)

#9 This is the Gift Hamper specially for babies. =)

It contains more than 20% of shea butter to provide the maximum moisture. =)

#10 The owner is explaining the functions of their products. =)

#11 There is Christmas Promotion too! =D

#12 The other owner which is Bell's mum was explaining the correct procedures to use their products. =D

#13 Bell, her mum, her dad. =D

#14 Jiayeen and Jessy. =D

#15 The original state of shea butter before it is being sliced into pieces. =D

#16 Malaysia's Hottest Bloggers' Girls. =D

#17 Two leng luis. =))

#18 Jiayeen and Chuckei. =)

#19 More gift hampers. =)

#20 We were given some samples to try too. =D

#21 Goodie bags for us. =)

Curious what's inside? =D
Bare with me then.

1) Hand & Body Butter

Feeling skin dry? Just apply some on the dry areas. =DDD

2) Soap Dish

A very natural shape of soap dish. =)

3) Spanish Petitgran

a very pure contents in it. =)

4) Body & Massage Oil

Giving the purest massage oil for the maximum touch of massage. =)

5) Oatmeal Licorice Natural Facial Beauty Mud

No excessive chemical substances, provide you the best nutrients for your face. =)

6) Natural Bubbling Bath Melt

Want to enjoy Bubble Bath at home?
This will gives you your desired bubble bath. =D

7) Cinnamon & Brazilian Tangerine Natural Shea Butter Soap

Contains the purest essential oil and helps to cure and lighten my scars on my back. =D

8) Natural Bath Salt

Different types of bath salt for different types of skin. =D

9) African Shea Butter Anti-wrinkle Eye Cream

Helps in lighten dark eye circles and wrinkles.
*I need it to lighten my dark eye circles. =D*

Thinking what to buy as Christmas Gift?
I think this is suitable for everyone, no matter male or female. =)

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