Nelayan Village@Sunway Giza.

by - Saturday, November 12, 2011

Prepare for some delicious Buffet Steamboat?
with scrumptious broth?
with freshest ingredients?

Thanks to ilovediscounts!
We, bloggers get to enjoy such a yummy food! XD

#1 It's all @Nelayan Village, Sunway Giza!

#2 Opening Promotion is only RM39.90 per pax!

See for yourself for their freshest ingredients and yummy cooked food at below!

Saliva already started to drip?
Not done yet! People! =D

#3 Us, bloggers had started to do some candid shots!

#4 iPhone and camera phones do help sometimes. =P

#5 Manager of this restaurant. =D

#6 Chef. *wink*

#7 VVIP seats for us. *in my dream*

#8 Mutton Curry with toasts. =)

#9 Emotional side of Shaun. =)

#10 This is where we should cook our ingredients with the broth. =D

#11 Free flow for choices of Fruit Punch or Iced Lemon Tea!

#12 Fried Seafood Sticks. =D

#13 Kam Heong Prawns.

#14 Pandan Chicken.

#15 Squids with salt and pepper.

#16 5 bloggers+ 2 staffs from =D

#17 Benjamin was very satisfied with their Grilled Lamb Chop!

#18 Don't miss out their specialty sauce! =DDD

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