GAB CNY Launch.

by - Friday, November 25, 2011

#1 Strongbow.

No bitter taste but still BEER!

#2 Kilkenny.

#3 Happy EARLY Chinese New Year! =D

#4 The door gift with Simon Seow. =D

#5 Strongbow and Jiayeen.

#6 Jiayeen and Strongbow.

#7 Emcee of the day. =D

#8 Manager of GAB Marketing Director, Ms. Yap Swee Leng!

#9 Opening Act of the launch! =D

#10 Pretty Usherettes with their products. =D

#11 patient! =P

#12 Tada! The 1kg Golden Dragon statue with the eight pieces of 100g of Gold Dragon coins!
together with the directors. =)

#13 Finally met her again!
It's been long time since the last time I met you yo! =D

This campaign's name will be "9 Grand Treasures for the Year of the Dragon"!

The customers will stand a chance to win a 1kg Golden Dragon statue, eight pieces of 100g Gold Dragon coins and cash prizes, total value up to RM3.3 million!

This campaign will kicks off on the 15 December 2011 till 6 February 2012!

All you need to do is check the caps of any big bottle and look out for the colour of the bottle cap liner to determine the prizes that they have won. =)

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