Bella Luna spa review.

by - Saturday, December 03, 2011

#1 Life is too busy?
Can't sleep well?
Want to have a very relaxing spa? =)

All @Bella Luna, Times Square!

#2 1st of all, the consultant will explain the treatment and what are the advantages and etc to the customers to ensure they know what are they going to gain from this! =P

I chose the Green Tea soothing Massage and Herbal Steam. =)

#3 Then, they will measure your weight, Fats contents and Water contents!

**You never wanna know mine. =P**

#4 This is to boil some of the ingredients up. =)

#5 They use the most natural herbal ingredients to provide the most natural steam. =)

#6 They even provide personal shower in the room.
You can wash off the oil fragment if you are afraid that it will be too oily. =)

#7 Individual rooms for each individuals. =)

#8 The comfortable massage spot. =)

#9 Early Merry X'mas yo! =P

#10 Consultant and Jiayeen. =D

#11 Located at Times Square =D

Bella Luna
Lot 08-66, 8th Floor
Berjaya Times Square.
No.1, Jalan Imbi 55100 KL

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