Your Most Memorable Experience Buying Online.

by - Sunday, July 24, 2011

I am required to tell story about my most memorable experience buying things online.
As you all know, I seldom buy things through online as I am so lazy to walk to the bank just to bank-in money. =O
Don't get me wrong! I do tried buying clothes online! =D

#1 Anyway, people! Listen up! There will be a E-Commerce Fair @ Mid Valley Exhibition Hall from 12th till 14th of August!

Don't miss it! XD

Well well, let's begin my story. =DDDD

#2 One day....

#3 There were two pretty girls who wanna buy some new clothes since they are really bored of their current clothes.

#4 They decided to buy clothes through online since they are lazy to walk out of the house and get to the mall.

#5 They were searching for so long and trying to find the most affordable prices among all!
They found one!

#6 After 3 days, the courier service called and asked one of the girls whether or not she is at home and she answered no.
Then, the courier service told her that they are going to send her parcel to her house tomorrow!
and yes, that girl cancelled ALLLLL of her appointments on that day and just to wait for the parcel!

#7 That girl waited and waited and waited! She waited for whole day and there was NOTHING at all! She decided to call that guy!
She asked that guy, "Where are you now?"
That guy answered, " I am now in Penang! Sending your parcel!"

Instead of her house, they sent her parcel to PENANG!

#8 She SCOLDED that courier service guy!
And thay guy told her that it isn't his fault and she should looks for the blog shop!

#9 Again! She SCOLDED the blog shop's owner!
but the owner politely told her that she will checks it for her.

She realised something!

#11 which is....which is....
She accidentally wrote TWO ADDRESSES!
One of the address is the sample address given by the blog shop,
the other address is her real address!

#12 All I can say is....

Sorry for her careless mistake and rude attitudes! T__T

I am the "her" though. =P

*****The End******

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