Miss Jiayeen?

by - Sunday, May 22, 2011

Sorry for the ultimate slow update!
As you all know, I am now pursuing my Business degree so I am kinda busy lately.
Oh ya, exam is coming real soon!
I am freaking nervous because it is my 1st time taking Business Law and Economic Principles!
To be frank, I really prefer Accounting more than Economic Principles. =(

Life without him still need to go on. =)
I am still the same Ol' Jiayeen~

Let's kick start with Jiayeen's camwhore pictures to celebrate my homecoming to BLOGGING world~ XD

I am vain, I love myself and this is who I am. =D

#1 Chuuu~ >o<

#2 Bluek! =P

#3 Bunny's smile. =E

#4 Emotionless. =|

#5 Jiayeen's sweet smile? =)

P/s : I don't need thick make-up~ XD
*****sorrrryyyy for the bad quality pictures taken with my phone***

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