Santarina of the year.

by - Wednesday, January 04, 2012

#1 I know Christmas had just passed.
But do you know you can do something better than just give presents to your loved ones? =)

#2 Toy Bank@Cheras Leisure Mall.

How does it works? =)
Read the whole post then you will know. =)

#3 The Beautiful Ballerina Statue! =)

#4 These trees were hanging with lots of Orphans' wishes.

Simple ones, complicated ones, affordable ones, expensive ones.
You can just pick any of the wishes you want. =)

#5 I choose you! =)

#5 It is by a 16 years old girl who is just wishing for simple things like stationaries.

How blissful we are! We got so many stuff and yet we are not cherishing it but treating it like trashes.

#6 I wish that I am able to buy more for her but am not rich at all. =X

These are the stationaries I bought for her. =)

#7 Before wrapping the gifts up.

Jayren's, Jiayeen's.

#8 After wrapping the gifts up.

Jayren's, Jiayeen's.

#9 I felt like I am an angel, giving out loves. =P *siok sendiri*

Oh yeah, at the end, all you need to do is just place your prepared gifts into this mailbox. =)

That's just one of my yearly Christmas' activities.
How about you? =)

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