Maplestory - BankaiStory.

by - Monday, January 10, 2011

As you all know, I was a serious Maplestory addict when I was Form4!
I spent a lot on the @cash even though I know it is expensive as RM29 per 10 000 Game Cash.
Want evidence?

#1 See? I have calculated!
It's enough for me to buy a new phone approximately RM800+
LOL! I was insane. =/

Now back to the topic of the day.
I found a new Maplestory Private Server named BankaiStory.
For those who wanna try out all kinds of jobs, this is suitable for you! =D

Now, I don't need to spend MONEY on Game Cash anymore.
Oh well, I'm not addicting to Maplestory anymore. =P
Obviously YA!

#1 As usual, Download, Install, Register, Log In and Play. XD

#2 My Character named Mimo.
Yes, Level 200 and I have rebirth-ed for around 200 or 300 times. LOL.
But....actually I seldom play. =X

#3 There are different types of boss monsters in each of the Free Market's rooms.

#4 Wanna change hairstyles?
No Problem, just click!
No need of buying cash and change hairstyles XD

#5 Wanna buy Cash Items?
No Problem! Buy from NPC!

#6 Wanna buy rings?
Neh~ Click NPC!

#7 Wanna travel to other places but lazy to go map by map?
Okie dokie! Just click on NPC and choose the place you wanna go!

#8 With my attack range, now I can kill the highest level boss monster!
Look at my attack, more than 2Million each hit. =)

#9 When you get your super rebirth, you will get a Coke Ring with 30000 Stats of your choice. =)

Wanna know more?
Discover the magic by yourself. =)
Click HERE to visit the web now! XD

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