Goodbye to Year 2010, Hello to Year 2011.

by - Tuesday, January 04, 2011

#1 Thanks to Uncle Pennan, He actually organised a private party at Times Square Hotel Suite which get to view the scenery of most of the fireworks in KL!

Anyway, Bye bye, my Year 2010~ Hello, My Brand New Year 2011~

#2 He even brought Liquor along. =O

#3 He organised a so-called-Beauty Contest too!
These are the presents for the winners!

There are Top 3 for the guys and Top 5 for the girls!
I heard the present for No.1 is quite nice. =O

#4 KL Tower's Night Scene!

#5 We played games too!

#6 Some joker accidentally created this masterpiece for him. =P

#7 Tick tock, tick tock....12A.M.!!!

#8 Isn't it lovely? =P

#9 Fireworks had beautified the KL Tower!

#10 Mien Lao gong, me and Serene jie were day dreaming on the sofa. =/

#11 Me, Mien Lao gong, Serene jie and Host of the night, Uncle Pen!

#12 Posing for camera is the thing I always does? =X

#13 Uncle Pen and all the leng luis~ XD

#14 The Top 10 Girls with Uncle Pen and Jaz~ XD

#15 5th Place - Serene jie and Li Eng~

#16 4th Place - Kah Wai.

#17 3rd Place. ^^

#18 2nd Place - Jiayeen.

Yep! I got the 2nd place!
Unexpected, actually. =D

#19 1st Place - Li Kar!

A really leng lui one ^^

For Your Info, All the votes are came from the guys.
So, we are the Top 5 in the guys' hearts? Hahaha!
Just Kidding ^^

#20 The Top 6 Guys =P

#21 The BIG Group Photo of us ^^

#22 Did I tell you that my boyfriend went with me too? =D

What are your new year wishes? =)
Think now if you don't know yet! XD

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