Focus Point Media Appreciation Event.

by - Sunday, January 23, 2011

#1 Yo yo yo! Wazzup!
I have been invited by Babebaboon to this event.

Focus Point Media Appreciation Event in conjunction with Wazzup Opening.
Wazzup is an Optical Shop specially designed for the Teenagers!
It comes with funky colours and designs!

Date: 19th of January 2011 (Wednesday)
Venue: WazzUp (F1. Asian Avenue 05, First Floor Sunway Pyramid)
Time: 11a.m. till 2p.m.

#2 We were given free drinks before the opening of the event. =)
As well as posing with those funky glasses. =)

#3 There are lots of varieties for the sunglasses as well as glasses.

#4 Don't you want a pair of nice and comfy glasses?
as well as TRENDY? =D

#5 I bet the Teeangers like US would love it very much ^^

#6 The 4 "models" posing with their sunglasses. =)

Vivian, Feeq, Jiayeen and Liki.

#7 Emcee of the day, Megan.

#8 CEO of Focus Point, Kim.

#9 The ultimate hardworking workers of Wazzup!

#10 Wazzup is the only shop selling Paul Frank Sunglasses and Frames!
Paul Frank Fans, don't miss it! =D

After that, we were entertained with the great dance performance by Mustang Crew!

#11 Beat boxer!

#12 Great dance! You rock! Purple Mustang Crew! XD

#13 Liki with the HUGE spectacles!

#14 Me with the ugly spectacles. =O

#15 Impress with his flexibility!

#16 Great movement!

#17 Great expression! XD

Tada! Lunch was provided in Sunway Resort Hotel and Spa!

#18 Appertizer!

#19 Soup!

#20 Main Course!

#21 Desserts!

#22 The Bloggers with the CEO of Focus Point.

Me, Xiang, CEO, Baboon and Liki.

Thanks to Feeq for helping us to snap the photo ^^

Grab your spectacles from Wazzup now before it is too late! =D

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