FIR Wellness.

by - Tuesday, January 25, 2011

#1 Have you ever imagined that you will be pamper with the Healthy Sauna Treatment and Comfortable Massages?
Want to have a healthier lifestyle instead of spending time for some unhealthy activities?

Here's your one and only solution, FIR Wellness!
It's at Dataran 32, opposite Toyota Showroom!

For more info, you may contact the following parties:
Jocelyn (017-880 1880)
Chua Chee Huat (017-880 4889)
Shop (03-7958 1880)

You can LIKE this Facebook Page of this Health Center by clicking HERE!

It comes with reasonable prices and wonderful health packages just for you!
*That's why I go there for my sauna and massages =P*

#2 Sauna Cube. =D

For your info, This Sauna is named as Far Infared Sauna. We usually take it for like 30 minutes.
It has a lot of advantages like below:
  • Detoxification
  • Enhanced Immune System
  • Improved Cardiovascular Health
  • Stress Relief
  • Weight Loss
  • Cellulite Control
  • Pain Relief
  • Beautifies The Skin
So what are you waiting for? =D

#3 Are you feeling the urge to try these sauna treatment now? =D

As for my experience, I used to have constant neck pain due to my incorrect sleeping postures.
Remembered back then I was having this neck pain and exam stress from CAT, my mum purposely signed up this package for me to relief my stress and pain.

Now, I am feeling better and more energetic!
Not to say no more stress but at least it helps to reduce the impact of stress on me!
Pain no more, stress lesser, Jiayeen happier. Wheee~ XD

#4 As usual, go in and close the door. =P Like duh! =P

#5 The herbal they used for the massage!

#6 I feel like I am in Sarawak, enjoying their spa~ ^^

#7 Another must-try-thing is their Sarawakian Massage!

#8 Combining with the comfy music, environment and massages, it seriously can helps you to get rid of your Stress!

#9 The Herbal they used for massages!
You may choose Ginger Oil or Coconut Oil.

The blogger, me dislikes coconut very much so I always ask for Ginger Oil! XD

#10 Before you enter this center, remember to change into slippers they provided for hygience purposes. =D

#11 After all the sauna and massages, they will give you a cup of their Home Made Ginger Tea!
Trust me, It's delicious! XD

#12 Want some massages? =P
Not from me, of course! =)

#13 The host and his Health Center! =D

#14 Say Hello to Chua Seng Teong! =D

#15 Lastly, the blogger and the host. XD

Before I end this post, I want to share some of the drawings I just drew in conjunction with this topic XD

#16 Sauna Cube~

#17 One day, there's one BIG, FAT guy wanted to try this sauna cube since he heard it will helps in weight loss so...yea, he went to try it on. XD

#18 He went in......1 minute....2 minute......30 MINUTES!
Oh it's the time to get out of it!
Let's see what's the outcome!

#19 Tada! He's thinner! XDDD

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