Tuesday, September 28, 2010

DiGi iPhone 4 Life.

Hello, Tuan-tuan dan puan-puan!
Ladies and Gentlemen!

Is me again, Emcee Jiayeen!
Today, I am going to do something for "Digi iPhone 4 Life".

Nope, you are wrong! I will not give speech again. =)
Today, I am going to SING!

Yes, SING but not my voice. =P

"iPhone 4" , created by Jiayeen.
Inspired by "Bilionaire", Travie McCoy feat. Bruno Mars.

*Note* Words in red are the words I changed of the lyrics of the "Bilionaire". =)

I wanna an iPhone 4 so fricking bad,

Holding the phone and waving at the men,


I wanna be on the cover of Phone magazine,

Smiling next to Digi and the kids,

Oh~ Everytime I close my eyes,

*What you see? What you see?*

I see my phone in shining lights,

A different theme every night,


I swear the bloggers better prepare,

For when I own iPhone 4!

*The End*

I have created a video for this post too.
It's a combination of the part of the song and my creation.
Do Enjoy!! XD

Monday, September 27, 2010

DiGi iPhone 4 Real.

Is me again, Emcee Jiayeen~

How do you do today? =)
I've already done two "speeches" about iPhone 4, remember?

Now, this is the 3rd one required.
Today's Hot Topic would be "Digi iPhone 4 Real".

Digi, Maxis, Celcom?
Which one you all actually like?

I LOVE Digi!
So I will stick to Digi, of course. =D

When you see this stack of money, what are you thinking of? =P

about what you wanna buy? O_o

How about more and more money?
*kaching kaching*

What am I trying to say?


Now with Digi Plans, you are able to save more than you think of!
More than you can!

So what are you waiting for?
Go apply iPhone 4 plans with DIGI. XD

What do I love about this plan?

1) I can have up to 6 FnF for cheaper calls.
Woah! such a great deal XD Now I can talk non-stop =P without worrying my bill going to hit the bell LOL

2) I only need to pay as low as RM58 per month!
It's better than me paying RM170++ per month. (My current bill amount) =X

3) Free calls, sms, mms to Sub-lines!
After I apply, who wanna sub under me? =P
but u pay the bill ya XD

4) I can have internet usage up to 1GB!
That's a lot for me! I can use it whole month long XD without worrying exceed limit =P

5) 20 MMS for the cheapest plan in the town!
Now now, I can send my pictures to my friends for 20 times! XD

If I am able to win the iPhone 4, I don't need to use this as my communication tools anymore.

I shall say EARLY Bye bye to my beloved walkie XD

With Digi Plans for iPhone 4, I can talk ALL NIGHT LONG.

But for now...I shall continue my phone calls with my walkie =(

*The End*

DiGi iPhone 4 Play.

Aherm aherm!
Emcee Jiayeen is here again! XD

Now, I am going to start another topic which is related to iPhone 4 too~
which is....iPhone 4's APPLICATIONS!

I heard some said those really high-tech phones like Blackberry, iPhones,
without any nice applications are pretty useless.

Do I get my points right?
I guess so XD since no one commented against it yet =P

Well well, emcee Jiayeen going to continue with this post with the topic "Digi iPhone 4 Play".

Yes, which application I adore the most?
Guess guess guess!

A person who loves to camwhore a lot would love which kinds of applications??
What else?

Yes, a warper! XD
I can warp my face into any funny faces XD


Click HERE to check out more about this application! XD

Ok, I show u an example. =)

This is me with my usual angle while camwhoring. =P

Some said BIG mouth can eat more food?

So how about this?
How much of food can I eat? =P

Girls love SHARP Face, right?

Do I looked prettier like this? =P

Now now, another example.

Now it's without my usual angle but my front angle.
*I looked cute, I know~* XD

Have you ever seen Big TONGUE Monster?

So this is it =P

I remember the oldies always said People with BIG NOSE tend to earn MORE MONEY.
but why am I still poor? T.T

I may looked funny in these photos but I don't care XD
I shall stop this post here.
*The End*

Friday, September 24, 2010

Digi iphone 4 Me.

*Aherm Aherm*

Hello, readers!
I am Emcee of the day, Ms. Jiayeen.

Today, I'm going to talk about "Why I want an iPhone 4?"

Now now, the competitors for the Telco have been launching iPhone 4 on the different dates.
I heard that Maxis have launched it few days ago.
Now, DIGI have been launching it on the 24th of September.

For rich dudes and babes, What are you waiting for?
Go grab it!! XD

Why I want an iPhone 4?

The reasons are as easy as ABC. =P

I am still using walkie talkie as my communication tools. =/
*I can go back to ancient world* =/

So, I need some HIGH-TECH phone such as iPhone 4. =P

Which means it supports bluetooth keyboard and it is the first phone which supports it! XD

It is a Superior Speakerphone.

It is better for "OLD" people like me.
I tend to always "HUH HUH? I CAN'T HEAR YOU!" on phone. =P

It has Cloud Sync for notes.

What is it? Curious? Nah! XD

Well, basically "The Notes app" syncs and assigns the label "Notes" to every item. Future searches for "Notes" brings up all of them. You can also sync different notes to different e-mail accounts, so you can keep business and personal notes separate.

Facetime...for Family!

Not the robot face but FACETIME FOR your beloved family. =)
Busy businessmen tend to always have a problem to keep in touch with their kids and spouse.
But with iPhone 4, you can have some FaceTime video calls with your family!
So that you can still keep track on your family XD

Isn't it greeeeeat? =P

5-megapixel camera with 5x digital zoom, HD video capability and on-phone iMovie video editing!!

Do you wanna be a video director too? =P
Perhaps maybe a photographer? XD

*The End*
Please Come again!

Monday, September 6, 2010

Dual Screenings.

Thanks to Feeqsays Network and Adverlets for the two screenings. =)

Title: Cats and Dogs The Revenge of Kitty Galore
Date: 1st of September
Time: 9P.M.
Venue: GSC Mid Valley

Nice movie! I really can't imagine my dog talks =.=
Pictures do all the talking then XD

Meow meow~ ^^


Title: Step Up 3D
Date: 26th of August
Time: 9P.M.
Venue: Tropicana City Mall

Lol! A very very nice DANCE movie! XD
I have regretted to stop my dance class now =.=


Head spin so not for me.
I am more suitable for modern jazz =P

Thursday, September 2, 2010

My 3rd Baby!

We shall recall the 1st Baby and the 2nd Baby. =)
so now I have babies =P

My 1st Baby, a very normal Casio Digital Compact Camera. =P
With 8 M.P. and BAD quality of screen. =/

Tada! My 2nd Baby~
Canon 1000D. =P
I have posted about it before if you all can recall. =P
Do click HERE to check out the OLD post about this baby =PPP

Now now, this is my 3rd BABY!!!
What's this?
It's an Aqua Lomo! ^^

It's with the casing.
That's why you can take pictures in the water up to 3m. =P
It's cheap and cute~ XD

My 3rd Baby without the casing/shelter/shell. =P

It uses film too. =P

Some Info about this Aqua Lomo
  • Can use in water~ (duh!)
  • Cheap~ (Duh! Duh! =.=)
  • It doesn't even need battery XD
  • Nice and bright colours for the camera body. =P
  • Quality of the picture not BAD =P quite satisfying ^^
You may check out more about this Fantastic Aqua Lomo at HERE! XD

Toodles~ I have 3 babies now. What about you? =P