Saturday, August 21, 2010

Guinness Arthur's Day Launch 2010.

Guinness Arthur's Day Launch
Venue: @live, Sunway Pyramid
Date: 17th of August 2010
Time: 7P.M.

To prove that I was at @live. =P

Beginning of the event, There were some memories flashed back of the past Arthur's Day.

Peoples were there too~ Not only us, the bloggers.

Emcee of the day, Serena C and Adam Carruthers. =)

Marketing Director Mark Jenner hosted the launch XD

Tada! Timbaland will be there during the Official Arthur's Day 2010.
I can still remember Timbaland's songs! Especially "The Way I are" XD


I bet everyone know about the song named "What You Waiting For"? =P

DJ Fuzz!! Thaitainium!!! Pop Shuvit!!!
All the cool ones will be there too XD

Mizz Nina! <3 href="" onblur="try {parent.deselectBloggerImageGracefully();} catch(e) {}">
Thanks to the DJs of the night who made it so beaty =P

So what you waiting for? =P
Are you all going for the Arthur's Day?

Date: 24 September 2010
Venue: Surf Beach @ Sunway Lagoon
Time: 8P.M.

Ticket Pricing:
White Zone RM98
Black Zone RM198
Gold Zone RM350

Where to purchase your tickets?

Ticket Hotline Galaxy: 03-2282 6020
Axcess: 03-7711 5000

Guinness yo! XD

There will be more photos of us camwhoring during the event!
I shall show you all this photo of me with my Guinness first . =P

Anyway, I shall thanks Bboyrice for lending me the External Flash. ^^


Thursday, August 19, 2010

Step Up 3D pre-blog post.

Can you imagine yourself watching Step Up in 3D?
Oh my gosh! I can feel my nerves dancing towards to music beats now! XD

Woah woah!
I shall recall myself doing these steps! XD

When is it gonna be on cinema screen?
Nah! It's 26th of August!

When a blogger post about something on her/his blog, there should be a reason for it.
There's my reason! XD

You get to watch step up 3D 1 day before the screening.
Just follow the simple steps below
Step 1: Go to FEEQSAYS network
Step 2: Log in and post a comment for 2 simple questions.
1. What do you think about Malaysian dancers?
2. Why you want the passes?
Step 3: End your comment with your Email so that Feeqsays can contact you!
That's all! Later, just wait for his email, and he will notify you if you are the winner.
If you are one of the winner, 2 FREE movie passes are for you!
You can blog about the contest, the best 3 blog post will win 2 movie passes and goodies bag from Clinique, Sunsilk, MyC!, Just Dance and Dentyne.

Credits to Baboon for this blog post's details. =)

Thursday, August 12, 2010

What Distance I’d Go for My Other Half.

Hmm far would I go for my other half?
Frankly speaking, I currently do not have any boyfriend so it's quite far for me to figure out.
Well, no matter how, I will try my very best to post about it.
Bare with it, k? =)

Let the story begins here. XD
It's all started with a nerdy boy....
There's one nerdy boy studying at his own corner.

Suddenly..........the nerdy boy ACTUALLY peek at a girl.....
Who is that? =D
Wanna know? =D

Is this girl? this nerdy girl?
Nerd loves nerd? O.o

Nah~ You are wrong! XD

Curious? =P

Oh, Now we know he loves this red-shirt girl very much.
Unexpected ya? =P

One day, this nerd suddenly SHOUTED VERY loud.
What happened? O_O

Jeng jeng jeng, the witch casted a spell on him.
Poor nerd. =(

POOF! There goes the nerd which the girl loves. =(
Nerdy Frog. T.T

How far would I go for my frog prince?

Well well....
I will KISS him so that it will turns back to my prince.
Seems like it doesn't works on a nerd. =/

I will stargaze with him,
it doesn't matter whether the weather is hot or cold,
the night is long or short,
the most important is him...

I will wait for him,
no matter how long it takes,
because I love him...

I will be a clown,
entertain him when he is sad/emo/moody,
even though I know I will look stupid. =/

I will be a fool laughing alone whenever I think of him...

I remember he loves food,
I will accompany him try all kinds of food,
even Indian food or Malay food,
and I am taking weight risk,
but I will still appreciate it very much,
because it's one of our sweet moments...

Don't worry, I will not die for him.....
not that I am not romantic or selfish....
It's because.... life is borned to love him. =)

Because of him....
I did a lot of impossibles....

Because of him....
I'm active in blogging...

Because of him....
I joined Nuffnang....

I attended all kinds of events,
joined all kinds of contests,
met a lot of new friends and more...

I did photoshoots for my friends,
had liquor,
tried many new things,
tried many new experiences....

I conquered my fear of height....
and stood on the long bridge...

What am I doing all these for?
I only want a peek from him....
*shall not continues with my own stories* XD

So what are you waiting for?
Spread your love to your loved ones before it is too late. =)

Say Hello to Love XD

Love can make you do things that you never thought possible.

The way to love anything is to realize that it might be lost.

I love you more than I can say.

If you are the bird,
I will be the tree,
provides you the shelter and protection;

If you are the flower,
I will be the rain droplet,
provides you moisture and nutrients;

If you are the Sun,
I will be the cloud,
provides you companion and never leave you.

Hope Nuffnang courteous enough to give me the invites.
Muack XD

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Why Vampires Suck?

Why vampires sucks?

This is a very good question. XD Lately, many peoples are crazy about Twilight.
Actually, to be frank, they are crazy about EDWARD CULLEN. =/
I'm not. XD

Those peoples are so obssessed of Edward Cullen's Sparkling White Skin and his appearance which will not appears in real life.

Fantasy Fantasy. =)

Now, back to my main topic of the day. =)
Why Vampires Sucks? =D

First and foremost,
They can FLY/RUN without any wings.
So damn fake, k?

Sanitary pads without wings.
Do u feel secured? =/
I don't. =O

Birds without wings.
Can they fly?

Back to the reality, k?
We must be more scientific and realistic XD

They have SPARKLING white skins which everyone craving for.

I don't need to say who is this, right? =/

Look at his skin.
Sparkling white, fair, flawless. =/

SK-II shouldn't find any celebrities as their ambassadors anymore.
Why don't they find Vampires?
If and only if there are vampires XD

No no to SK-II.
We only have to become a VAMPIRE. =D

Just Kidding. =P

For example, this black guy with black skin and no sparkling white skin.

Imagine him after becoming a vampire?
Sparkling white enough? XD

Is there such thing as VEGETARIAN Vampire? =/

How can a Vampire be vegetarian when they requires to suck blood for survivor?
Does veggies provide blood?

Why can't they suck their own's blood?

This is him with the blood.
Don't they feel tempting of their own blood? =D

Their sharp teeth.

How can they CLOSE their mouth when they have such sharp and crooked teeth?

Their speeeeeeeed.

We don't need a sports car anymore since a vampire's speed can beat it. XD

Find a Vampire boyfriend like what Bella did.
Then, you can have a free ride XD

In Twilight movies,
Edward can always find Bella on time.
Fake, yaya, I know. =X

@The end of this post XD @

Hope Nuffnang courteous enough to give me the invites to the Premier Screening of "Vampire Sucks".
Loves you lots ^^