Thursday, July 22, 2010

Screening of The Sorcerer's Apprentice.

Thanks to Nuffnang for giving Sandy the invites to this movie.
A really big Thanks to Sandy for giving me the invites XD

Title: The Sorcerer's Apprentice
Date: 20th of July
Time: 9 P.M.
Venue: GSC 1Utama

This movie is very similar with "Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief".
Magic+Modern World+ Came from the oldies.
Overall, it's very magical, magical enough for a kid.
An adult might not enjoy it but I do XD

This movie is full of Physics Concept.
Like Molecules? Plasma? Vibration?
Conclusion is this movie is a combination of magic, modern, oldies and physics.

This is one of the Merlin's "anak murid".
XD Isn't she sexy? =)

Can you hold the plasma ball like how they did it? =P

I watched this movie with Baboon, Munkey and some other Nuffnangers =P

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Food Review @ Manhattan Fish Market.

Food Review @ Manhattan Fish Market, e@Curve

Nowadays, everyone are rushing for stuff, no matter for works, studies or others.
That's why Manhattan Fish Market have introduced the "Rush Hour @Manhattan".

These photos made me look like I am obsessed of Manhattan Fish Market. XD
Ah yes, I am XD

Their beautifully designed Interior. =)
It does gives me a very warm feelings XD

Don't you know that Manhattan Fish Market have such a long history? =)

I wonder if my house have these racks? =/

Manhattan Fish Market is Fishermen's Pub?
I didn't know that O.O

Stalker No.1 and Stalker No.2 XD
We, bloggers are invited by Manhattan Fish Market to try their promotion. =P

All of these foods are takeaway friendly. =)

The First cast of the day, Citrus Mint.

This is the combination of Mint and Lemon.
How does it tastes like?
Weird? Sour?

No! It tastes very very refreshing. XD
It made me wanna blow out a string of cold wind. XD

Let's welcome the Second Cast, 'Flakin' Fun in the Garden.

A very healthy salad for salad lover XD

Who said healthy food are tasteless?
I take oatmeal biscuits instead of normal butter cookies. XD

With two dressings for the salads.
One is Caeser Chutney whereas another one is Cajun Honey Mustard. =)
Which one will you choose? ^^

Third Cast, 'Wrap N Roll'.

I love this one the most.
It has the tastes of the "wrapper" which we usually called it as Popiah Skin. =)

When Tuna meets Popiah, it tends to become a perfect couple XD

Fourth Cast, 'Shrimp My Pasta'.

This pasta is a little spicy but it's ok for me. =)
It boosts up my appetite since it has a little spicy XD
I tend to eat MORE than usual after I take this pasta.

Are you demanding for more food now? =)

Fifth Cast, 'Flaming Tuna Pie'.

There's always reason why is it called as FLAMING.
Wanna know why? Check it out below XD

Back to the taste, this is all-time favourite.
The guys tend to order second bowl.

For me, it actually tastes like TUNA LASAGNA.
I like it too ^^ It's delicious~
D'licious XD

Do I need to explain more? =)

Well, this Mudpie is not in the Promotion List.
But it tastes YUMMY!
The middle part of this mudpie is actually ice cream. =P

How I wish I can do such pastry decoration. =)

Tiramitsu. Not in the list too. =)
I am a great great Fan of desserts with cheese. XD

I don't serve you, do I? =)

Photos of fellow bloggers and peoples who attended.

Jiayeen, Jayleo, Spectre .

Spec oh spec, I don't know why were you so hyper. XD

Female bloggers and peoples from Go Communications Sdn. Bhd.

I heard that the peoples from Go commun. planned to create a blog.
Why not? XD Blog is always open for everyone ^^

The Female Bloggers. Lisa, Jiayeen, Michelle.

The Male Bloggers. Toninkush, Jayleo, Spectre, Munkey.

Stalkers of course with cameras, right? =D

Dai Lou Toninkush with his "COOL" pose. XD

For more info, please visit Http://

You can always call Mahanttan Fish Market and place you order.
Then, drop by and pick up your food! =)

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

I love to Touch My Skin, Oops! It's Screen.

I am going to the LG Cookie Monster Party!!!
If and only if Nuffnang gives me the invite! =D

I am going, so are you? =P

Why do I deserve a LG Cookie phone? =/ old/outdated/dying phone came across my mind. =X

I am a Greeeeeeeen-EYED monster with a BIG RED nose! Rawr! =D
Is bunny consider as a monster? There's evil bunny too, right? =D
Rawr! Are you afraid of me now? ^(oO)^
Be aware that I will eat you all up!
I promise that I will treat you all as CARROT? O.O

Since young, I love to communicate with peoples.
I can still remember that I actually bought a pair of toy walkie-talkie,
just to COMMUNICATE/PLAY with my brother. Haha!

Until now, I still keep it. =)
As a memory and collection. =D

Until I have the ability to earn my own money, no matter as promoter or shop keeper.
I decided to buy a REAL phone, not toy but USABLE. =)

At the very beginning, I was very very satisfied with it. =DD

I am very very happy that I got my own phone with my own money. =DD
See? I even posed with it =D
Smiling alllll the way~ =D

After half year or more, I realise the key pad of the phone is very FLAT and HARD to press!
Certain keys need to press as hard as wanna beat people up!
The key pad made me feel so lazy to send any messages to people. T_T

See? I went crazy because of the phone!
It's sooooooo hard to press on the key pads! >.<
Now now, LG just launched a series of touch screen phones.
The Cool LG Cookie 3G, the Sexy LG Cookie Plus and the Cute LG Cookie Fresh! =D

I can now TOUCH the screen and not forcing my key pads to work! ^^
Sayonara~ my old phone~ ^^

In order to show how desperate I am to get LG Cookie,
I decided to write a short message. =)

what's the message?
Are you curious?
Awwww~ Wait!

Look below =P

My message to You all! =D

I want LG Cookiesssssssss!

Why with the "s" ?
Because there are 3 new touch screen phones which are launched by LG! =D

Can you read? =P
Let me teach you how to READ!

I_W-a-n-t_L-G_C-o-o-k-i-e-s!! *wink*

Sorry for scaring you all with this last photo! =D

So, who is the GREEN-eyed Monster now? ^^