Thursday, June 24, 2010

Premier Screening of Back Up Plan.

Thanks to Nuffnang because it gave Munkey the invites.
Thanks to Munkey because he invited me. =/

Title: Back Up Plan
Date: 21st of June
Time: 9.30P.M.
Venue: e@Curve

Nice movie though. =) The actor and actress are equally HOT. =P
I look at the guy while the guys look at the girls. Fair, right? =)
What if you have a baby which you took up sperm from a sperm bank? =)
Girl, think about it. =D

Dating and marrying AFTER a baby? O.o

This is after she got pregnant. =)
Still looks sizzling hot, right? =P

Guys! You can't look hot without this kind of body.
Go work out now. =DD

How sweet it is. =DD

Now now, I met up with 3 bloggers. =)
From top: Jiayeen, Hitomi
From bottom: Tony, Munkey

Isn't he looked cute? =DD

Group shot one.

Group shot 2. =DD

They looked like two strangers forced to take photos together. =/

Muack! Hitomi! =D
First day meeting her but we looked like we knew each other for long. =P

Sunday, June 13, 2010


Meet my alter-ego Mimo.
She's a CUTE PINK BUNNY that is similar to me.
She's holding my phone for me now.

Wanna know why?
I like Pink and I look like a bunny when my retainers are on. =.=
and I am cute. =P LOL.

She said: " I have my eyes on you, you better don't try to bully my owner!!"
Muahaha! My personal guardian! =P

Thursday, June 10, 2010

I love you, Baby.

I love you so much,
I hope our love will not fade.

Can you just hold me and don't say anything?
Will you remember all of our sweet moments?

My heart is always yours,
No one can take me away from you.

If one day you are gone,
I will no longer exist.

Our love is non-material,
I will not love you just because of your roses,
I will not love you just because of your look.

Ladies and Gentlemen,
Wanna know who is my new Baby? =)

I bet no one ever seen him before. =)
Wanna know? LOL.
He is......
My CANON 1000D!!!!!!!!!

Haha! =D

My baby is very sexy.
He can capture nice images. =P
and he allows me to touch him thoroughly. =P

Canon 1000D. =P
with camera bag of course. =)

Blogger with her new baby.

Sorry, I was wearing HOUSE clothes.

Wanna see what my baby can do?

I think I can add some words on the left side. LOL.

I didn't know my astro remote control is that dusty. =/

Sorry, I guess you all did think that I have a BOYFRIEND. =D

Monday, June 7, 2010

Special Screening of Killers.

Thanks Nuffnang for inviting me to this movie.
and Thanks Munkey for collecting the tickets for me. =P

Title: Killers
Date: 3rd of June
Time: 9P.M.
Venue: GSC, 1Utama

Ashton Kutcher as Spencer is HOT!! Look at his body!! *drooooling*
Basically, this movie is pretty short. It's only 1.5 hours.
I expect it to be longer, maybe 2 hours.

Too little of actions but just nice amount of romance?
It's a combination of Comedy, Romance and Actions.

I think guys will like the very front part when there's lots of pretty girls in Bikinis. =P

Loook Loookk LOoKKK!
The sexy, Hot body. =P
Not too muscular but just nice ^^

Jen and Spencer falling in love. =D
Awww~ So sweet. =)

This is so damn common among the married couples.
Am I right? =P

I don't think so this is common. =X LOL.

Actually, I didn't meet many new bloggers during this screening.
Many of them ffk-ed, I think.
I watched this movie with Jayleo, Munkey, Spectre and Krazy.

Sorry, no photos taken with them because I was late. =X

Friday, June 4, 2010

Prince of Persia Screening.

Thanks Nuffnang for giving Munkey invites so that he can invites me to this screening. LOL.

Title: Prince of Persia - The Sands of Time
Date: 27th of May
Time: 9.30P.M.
Venue: e@Curve
Rate: 7/10

He's hot!!! but...the hair is wet and gross. =O LoL. Nice movie and I bet the guys will be looking at the PRINCESS. =) Guys oh guys. =)

Ok, now, let's back to the day. =)
I was supposed to have dinner with munkey and the gang but in the end, I changed my plan and had lunch with my parents then go meet up with them at Ikea. =P

Jiayeen, Jason, Spectre

That day was my first day meeting Spectre. =)
It's cool to know more friends and bloggers. =P

Baboon, Jiayeen, Jason and Spectre. =P

Baboon, Jiayeen, Jason.

We actually are college mates. =P
It's fated that we are bloggers together? LOl.

Our individual Portraits. =P

Actually, that day, the new Mister Potato's rice crisps are provided for us bloggers to try.
Two cans for one invite. =)
They even provide us mineral water, in case we are thristy.
How caring is Nuffnang. =P

Our M.P. Tower~ =P

LOl. Look at Baboon's lan c face. =P
and my happy look. LOl.
I looked damn jakun here, right? >.< Xiang is stealing ALL OUR CHIPS.
Please go after him!!!

Jiayeen and Jayleo.

Ignore his pose.
He always do that.
I think he's out of poses. =P

Jiayeen and Munkey.

Thanks to him yo!
He invited me, instead of Vince.
Oops! Sorry, Vince. =X

Jiayeen and Fiona. =P

Sweet Fiona oh~
I looked so ugly beside her. =(

The bloggers posed with Mister Potato and the Prince of Persia poster. =P

We happened to meet this famous magician, AL.

He actually performed some magic for us.
LoL. Yes, it's my first time meeting him but before we already spammed each other's chatbox. LOL.

Jiayeen and Munkey.

He's damn semangat!
He even wore Prince of Persia's T-Shirt and Slippers.

Vince, Baboon, Jason, Jason's partner and Jiayeen.

My left face really CANNOT SEE IN PHOTO.
Omg omg omg. =(

Let's look forward for the next screening!! =D *wink*
Photos credit to MUNKEY. =P