Tuesday, May 25, 2010

I wanna watch Toy Story 3.

After so long, Toy Story 3 is finally released in year 2010. It will be release on the 17th of June 2010.

I have watched Toy Story 1 and Toy Story 2 and I am a REALLY big fan of it. It may sounds childish but yes, I like it. It is damn cute and consists of lots of my childhood memories.

And now, Nuffnang is giving us, the nuffnangers the chance to win a pair of tickets to catch this movie on the big screen. How lovely it is. =)

Now now, I would like to start commenting which toys I wish to see in Toy Story 3.

First, I love this LOTS-O'-HUGGIN' BEAR.

It's so gooooood to have a bear who actually for you to hug when you are happy or sad.
Especially when you are sad. =(
Sometimes we just couldn't tell everyone about our true feelings, right?

So, this bear would be a GREAT choice to me. =)

Second, I also love this KEN.

He's my Barbie's boyfriend!!!
How can I not love HIM? =P

He's simply gorgeous, handsome, hot, sexy....etc.
OOPS, Am I planning to snatch my Barbie's boyfriend? O.o

Lastly, I love this BIG BABY.

I just love babies or small kids.
No matter it's TOYS or real HUMAN babies. =P
They are so innocent and adorable. =D
It's fun making them smile innocently and play with them with the toys.
Simply Love it!!!

Age is not a problem, as long as you enjoy the movie a lot.
I am sure this movie will brings lots of laughter to the crowd and maybe brings back the childhood memories of the crowd.

So, why not? Let's bring your grandpa, grandma, papa, mama or whoever to watch this movie!!
I am sure they will enjoy it LOTS without any regrets. =P

I hope Nuffnang will gives me the invites as I really wanting to watch this movie since I heard THERE IS TOY STORY 3!! WOOOOO HOOOOO~ =P

Thanks thanks thanks, Nuffnang~ Love you very much ^^

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Premier Screening of The Descent 2.

Thanks to Nuffnang for giving the invites to watch this movie. =D

Title: The Descent 2
Date: 18th of May
Time: 9.30P.M.
Venue: e@Curve
Rate: 6/10

I think it's kinda bloody when the blood flow actually like waterfall. =O The sound effect that actually quite scary. I was laughing all the way because I was frightened by the stupid SUDDEN OCCURRENCE of the monsters and the sound effect. =/

Overall, it's still ok. As a reminder, don't go caves by yourself...and never go explore caves because of your curiousity...=) It may lead to a very bad thing. =P

Can you see what's behind?
Yes, it's one of the crawlers which will eats up all your organs. =/

The crawlers are actually blind, they detect you by listening to your voice and breath.
So, never shout in the caves. =)

See? I told you!
I told you to be SHUT UP. =P

After all the blood and struggles, you will end up like this.
All dirty and black. =P

It's ok, at least you're survived. =)

Finally, climb out of the caves. =P
Yeeee Haaaa~ ^^

Before the screening,
we bloggers & peoples invited by us camwhored lots wei. =P

Baboon, Munkey and Jiayeen.

3 bloggers.

Blogger, XQ and Reen.

3 leng luis. =)

4 Girls.

Baboon was being named as Fiona on that day.

4 leng luis. =)

Reen, XQ, Leng, ME.

Jiayeen's copyrighted cute pose.

LOL. Meow Meow~
Don't I look like one? =P

Do, Re, Mi, Fa, So. =P

Me, Leng, Baboon.

Munkey, Jiayeen and Jayleo.

Surprisingly, Jayleo knows who my brother is. =X
That day was my first time meeting Munkey and Jayleo. LoL.

Hehe. Two Giraffes.
Happy? =P I named you as giraffe. =D

Jayleo's friend, Jayleo, Jiayeen, Wendy, Fiona.

Yes, First time meeting them too. =)
I really met lots of bloggers through this screening. =D

I will be looking forward for the next screening. ^^

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Nikon D60 vs Canon 1000D

The Nikon D60.

The picture of Nikon D60.

The Canon 1000D.

As you can see, I have got lots of different comments for both DSLRs.
Some support Canon but some support Nikon.

Left:Canon 1000D, Right one:Nikon D60

Left: Canon 1000D, Right:Nikon D60

According to the research I have done, there are several differences between these two DSLRs.

Nikon D60:
  • Cheaper
  • Slower Start-up speed
  • with Active D-Lighting
  • More consistent focusing accuracy
  • ISO up to 3200
  • Nikon's 18-55mm Lens perform better than Canon 1000D
  • and more...
Canon 1000D:
  • More expensive compared to Nikon D60
  • Faster start-up speed and shorter shutter lag
  • Built-up Flash sits higher in the up position
  • Compatible with Canon Direct Print printers
  • with 7-point Auto Focus(AF)
  • ISO up to 1600
  • and more...
For more info, You may click HERE to view more advantages and disadvantages between these two DSLRs.

Anyway, both Canon 1000D and Nikon D60 are with 10 Megapixels. =) So in terms of Mp, they have no differences. Both of the DSLRs are almost similar in terms of sizes.
Canon 450D.
The 4 sides view of Canon 450D.

There are some photo samples for Canon 450D:

Canon 450D:
  • Expensive, the price in Malaysia still up to RM2000 and above.
  • with higher Megapixels, 12 Megapixels. For people who wants to print a Big poster, this would affects the quality.
  • ISO up to 1600
  • with Auto Lighting optimizer
  • with 9 point Auto Focus(AF)
  • and more...
For more info, please click HERE. =)

Canon 550D.

The 2 sides View of Canon 550D.

There are some photo samples for Canon 550D.

Canon 550D:
  • with high Megapixels, 18 Megapixels.
  • with Auto Lighting Optimizer w/ Face Detection
  • 3.7fps continuous shooting speed, up to maximum burst of 34 shots
  • Fast start-up speed, 0.1 second
  • with silent shooting mode for quiet environment
  • with 9 point Auto Focus(AF)
  • High ISO up to 6400, expandable to 12800
  • and more...
For more info, you may click HERE for Canon 550D.

My Point of View:

For me, I have budget for DSLR because I need to sponsor myself for DSLR.
My budget is around RM2000 or less.
I was planning either to buy Nikon D60 or Canon 1000D or Second-hand Canon 450D.
A new Canon 450D costs around RM2400, it's over my budget.
For Canon 550D, yes, it's good but it's very expensive too. It's around RM3000. =/

I still not decide which to buy yet. Still comparing.
Canon 1000D? Nikon D60? or Second-hand Canon 450D?
We shall see later. =D