Life of 2010.

by - Thursday, December 30, 2010

My life for Year 2010.
I wouldn't say it's bad!
I have met lots of new friends, great friends and gone through lots of obstacles.
This year...made me grow a lot. I have learned to be tougher, to be wiser and not regret for what you have done. We should learn from our mistakes, not regret.

Obstacles once made me fall but myself, friends and family helped me stood up again but after that, I am even tougher. I learned to smile more, cry lesser, think more, do more and express more. If you all know me since young, you would know I actually changed damn a lot! In a good way, of course. XD

Sorry for my mumble. Time to reveal some of my Year 2010 Memories, as some of the gathering/outing, didn't take any photos. XD

#1 Our 1st BBQ Party for Melissa's homecoming. =)

#2 My very first photoshoot with Arthur.
Might not be pro but at least some experience. =)

#3 Our 1st Hakka Mee Gathering since I took up T10 and left SS and Jan for T8 while Lin continue with ACCA.

#4 CNY Open House @Kar Ying's house. =)

#5 CNY Open House @Mr.Teo's house. =)
Met up with some of my lecturers there. =D

#6 CNY Open House @Geraldine's house.
1 girl is quiet, 2 girls are with a little of noise and 3 girls are noisy. =P

#7 Pork session @Geraldine's house too~

#8 1st Outing with Nigel Lim and 1st time meeting Chun Kit!
As for Nigel Lim, he actually bet for my exam result with me and in the end he lost the bet so he was needed to treat me Filet O' Fish! XD

#9 1st time seeing Fireflies by my own eyes!

#10 1st time seeing monkey smiling at me for my camera? O.O

#11 1st time discovered the wonder of photography. =)

#12 1st Outing of 5 of us since December 2009!

#13 1st Karaoke Outing for Melissa's homecoming!

#14 1st time joining Sushi King Bonanza!

#15 Oh yes! 1st time joining Sushi King Bonanza with my Serene jie!

#16 1st Successful Primary Schoolmates' Gathering since Form3!

#17 Kevin Lim's 19th Birthday!

#18 10 guys and I am the only girl for Kevin's birthday!
Epic enough?

#19 My 2nd photoshoot with Arthur again as I wasn't a part-time model yet!
Just doing this for fun!

#20 And guess what? It was my 1st time meeting Chloe and I did drag Geraldine along with me for the photoshoot!

#21 San San's 19th Birthday Celebration!

#22 Friends I knew from my T10 class and my lecturer, Ms.Yu too! XD
Yes, all I knew are GUYS! Don't ask me whyyyyy la!

#23 Part of my T10 Classmates!

#24 My Cameron Trip with my parents!
Can't you see my parents are cute?
They are willing to camwhore with me! XD

#25 1st attempt to snap flowers' photos. =)

#26 1st Nuffnang Screening - The Descent 2!

#27 Jia Wen's 19th Birthday Celebration!

#28 Promoters' random gathering!
My 1st Karaoke session with Serene jie, Ai Teng jie and Mien Wei Lao Gong!
Oh well, it was my 1st time meeting Teng Wei too! XD

#29 Our yum cha session after the karaoke.
Oh, someone joined us for yum cha. =P

#30 Prince of Persia Screening!
1st time meeting so MANY bloggers in one day. XD

#31 1st promoter job with Captivate - Marigold Peelfresh Powerberries!

#32 1st time to Laundry Bar with Kelvin, Siang and Yi-Zheng papa!

#33 Hehe, I forced him to snap pictures with me. XD

#34 1st time to Oriental Banquet at Petaling Jaya!

#35 Aunt came back to Malaysia from US and went back as well. =O

#36 1st camwhore with my Big baby. =)

#37 1st mini food trip with my beloved Yik jie!

#38 1st time to this restaurant named "Vary Pasta"!

#39 Back Up Plan Screening with Hitomi, Tony and Henry.
It was my 1st time meeting Hitomi in person XD

#40 1st time to this pork restaurant named Elcerdo @ Bukit Bintang!

#41 Simin's 19th Birthday Celebration! XD
2 pairs of real couple and 2 pairs of fake couple. =P

#42 1st time to this BBQ Buffet named Seoul Garden@1Utama!

#43 I went to try with Sher Yee and Carmen!

#44 Triple Tap Screening with Ching Yih, Tony and Henry!

#45 1st time joining Nuffnang Contest!
The LG Cookies Contest!
Because of this, I was being called as Green-eyed monster for a period of time just because I wore Green Contact Lens! XD

#46 1st Sunway Lagoon Gathering with Lin, Jan, Shan and Cheryl!

#47 Our dinner @Pizza Hut after that! XD

#48 3rd photoshoot with Arthur!
For fun again, of course. XD

#49 I invited Geraldine and Melissa Lao Gong to be my "model". XD

#50 1st time trying this Pan Mee Shop!

#51 with Sher Yee and Khai Ling!

#52 1st photoshoot with Daniel Gan!
That time he asked me to help him for his project by being his model and I accepted!

#53 After so long, 1st outing with my Feli Nv Er!

#54 1st food review @The Manhattan Fish Market, e@Curve!

#55 The guys!

#56 The girls!

#57 1st time to Bon Odori and realise it really is not my thing. =.=

#58 1st time meeting Michelle, Shereen's and Xiu Qi's best friend! XD

#59 1st time joining Clinique Star Tour!

#60 That's me! Before and After makeover! XD

#61 1st Promoters' BBQ Party@Carine's house. XD

#62 Tekken Screening with Tony, Liki, Chia Yen, Richard and Baboon!

#62 Baboon and I were ss-ing with the invites. XD

#63 Shereen's 19th Birthday Celebration!

#64 Guinness Arthur Day, @live, Sunway Pyramid.
1st time meeting Jeremy, Jason, Eric Yong and more.
The Adverlets' bloggers. XD

#65 Geraldine's 19th Birthday Celebration!

#66 Been to Laundry Bar with them!

#67 1st OFFICIAL photoshoot with Hitomi and Kaze as my photographers!

#68 1st time trying this BBQ Buffet Steamboat@Sunway Mentari!

#69 Siang's 19th Birthday Celebration!

#70 1st time trying Snowflakes!

#71 1st time disturbing T10 class since I have passed the subject! XD

#72 Allen's didi Farewell lunch!

#73 1st time having dinner with Vincent!

#74 Been to Malacca for a short family trip!
I have bought this Enlighten Mouse Ears!

#75 1st time to this restaurant named Betty's Midwest Kitchen@Aman Suria!

#76 Loon's 19th Birthday Celebration!

#77 Yik jie's 19th Birthday Celebration with Jun Yu!
1st Outing with Jun Yu, actually. =P

#78 1st time trying this Vietnamese restaurant@Mid Valley!

#79 Yik's Belated 19th Birthday Celebration with Kar Ying, Meli Chew, Chia!

#80 2nd Nuffnang Contest - iPhone 4 Contest!

#81 1st camwhore session and dinner with Edwin and Richard!

#82 I have graduated from CAT! *Hurray!*
What's CAT? Certified Accounting Technician, sounds pro? =P

#83 7aste Monte Carlo @Ecoba, Damansara Perdana!

#84 Us with our alcohol. XD

#85 2nd time joining Sushi King Bonanza!

#86 with my beloved Serene jie again, of course. XD

#87 Avira Anti Virus Software Launch!

#88 The bloggers in action! XD

#89 Hennessy Artistry 2010!

#90 Me with my pretty clothes and tired look!

#91 1st attempt to make Chicken Lasagna!

#92 1st Lasagna by me! XD

#93 X Play Party@Library, e@Curve!

#94 Me with the bloggers. =P

#95 Richard's 19th Birthday Celebration!

#96 Those who attended his birthday dinner! XD

#97 2nd Promoters' BBQ Party@Carine's house again! XD

#98 1st time meeting Serene's doggie! XD
I know she loves me and miss me a lot! =P

#99 1st time trying this restaurant named Carnival Churrascaria@Damansara Jaya!

#100 Kelvin's 19th Birthday Celebration!

#101 1st Family Gathering for my 19th Birthday Celebration!

#102 Part of my family members!
It will incomplete without my brother and aunt. =(

#103 1st time to Look Out Point@Ampang!

#104 1st Birthday Celebration with my beloved boyfriend!

#105 Belated 19th Birthday Celebration with two of my besties!
Geraldine and Meli Lao gong! XD

#106 1st time to Moe De' Cafe@Sunway Giza!
Their cocktails sucks! =X

#107 1st time as Santarina for official photoshoot purposes@Pavilion!

#108 1st photoshoot for the theme of "SHOPPING" @Lot 10 & Pavilion!

#109 1st official photoshoot with William Loke, Chris and Sherry!

#110 1st hike up to Broga Hill with Serene jie, Mien Lao Gong, Uncle Pen, CC and Tamsin!

#111 7aste New York@Hex&Mayfair, Damansara Perdana!

#112 Yum Seng! XD

#113 1st time to Gasoline@Sunway Pyramid!
I think it's sucks!
What say you? =O

#114 Liki's 19th Birthday Celebration!

#115 1st mini Christmas Party with Mien Lao gong, Serene jie, Uncle Pen, Audrey and Yee June@my house!

#116 1st time buying present for the orphan!
I feel so meaningful even though I need to spend money for present! XD
At least I can do something for them. =)

#117 1st Christmas Countdown BBQ Party with my family@Aunt's house!

This post shall ends on the "24th of December"!
What's yours? =D Do share with me! XD
Live your life in your own way, not follow the trends or follow your friends' ways. =)
Toodles! XD

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