X Play Shout.

by - Monday, November 22, 2010

#1 Daphne oh daphne, when will you grow up? XD

Oh well, before this X Play Event, I went to 1Utama to have a movie with Jhek, Daphne and their 2 friends. =)

X Play Shout
Time: 7P.M. till late
Venue: Library, e@Curve
Date: 13th of November

#2 I think the alcoholic fans would love this shelf a lot. =P

#3 Starting from me, Wilee's friend, Wilee, Tony, Jayren and Karyan.

#4 Wilee's friend and Wilee.

#5 Are you ready to XXXX? XD

#6 Jiayeen and Wilee.

#7 Jiayeen and Jayren.

#8 Jiayeen and Tony.

#9 Me and Wilee's friend.

#10 The oh-so-empty stage. =/

#11 Look at the crowd on that day.
Packed packed packed!

#12 I love that lighting very much.
I am weird but so what? =P

#13 The kisser, Hooi Nee and Tony.

#14 Me and Hooi Nee.

#15 Tony Dai Lou's Yeng Pose!

#16 X X X~

#17 Free Admission Pass with a glass of drinks. =)

#18 One of the Emcees.

#19 The other emcee =P

#20 Both of the emcees. =P

Heard of Disagree?

To be frank, I don't know them and never heard before.
Or maybe I am not malaysian enough =/

#21 The drummer.

#22 The guitarist.

#23 Another guitarist and vocalist.

#24 Wtf? why so many guitarist? LOL.

#25 The judges. =P

#26 The band with the longest name. =.= Wanna know what is it?

Once Upon A Time There Was A Sausage Named Bob. =.=

#27 Vocalist.

#28 The band.

#29 Last photo to share with you all.

A housefly flew into my Iced Lemon Tea and Commited Suicide in it while I was having my late dinner happily. =.=

Oh well, I left the event around 9P.M.+ because the event was really too boring for me.
No freeflow, I don't enjoy the music and Library is too hot =.=

Then, we left for late dinner and housefly loved me too much <3>

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