by - Tuesday, November 09, 2010

#1 Everyone Wish to have such a long hair but as you know, it's very hard to maintain it. =)

Back to the main topic of the day,
What will I do if I had Rapunzel's Hair? =)))

#2 First and Foremost, I will perm my hair into Medusa's hair style.
Why? So that I can kill the bad guys with my hair. XD

#3 Secondly, I will tie my hair into a heart shape.
To show how much I love you all. Haha~

#4 Thirdly, I will stick to the mirror and ask "who's with the prettiest hair in the whole universe?"
Hopefully the mirror will answer "You Have." =P

#5 Fourthly, I can play "Limbo" with my hair.
Without any ropes and sticks. =P

#6 Fifthly, Be aware! My hair attacks XD

#7 Sixthly, I wish I can build Hammock with my hair. XD
But hopefully my hair and scalps can support my weight =P

#8 Seventhly, I hope I can design my hair into the shape of a Helicopter.
So that? I can fly? =/

#9 I guess this is my "best" hair =PPP

Let's Hope Nuffnang is courteous enough to give me the prizes and a pair of invites to the movie. =D

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