Officially CAT-ian.

by - Thursday, October 07, 2010

#1 First time seeing me in formal outfits? =P

#2 make-up of the day.
my 1st attempt of wearing fake eyelashes =X

#3 21st Graduation Ceremony. =)

#4 Now you can see the watermark, right?
Yes, from =D

This is me! in Harry Potter's Robe. =P

#5 Yours Truly and Xiang.

#6 Some of our T10 Classmates.
Don't question me why all guys and I am the only girl. =.=

#7 After returning our robe, have some YUCKY buffet lunch at Sunway Pyramid Convention Centre.

#8 Us again =P

#9 Oh damn, I am shorter than them =/

#10 a Very Tall T10 Classmate =P

#11 You can laugh till you die when you are with him.
But he can always be speechless when he is with me LOL.

#12 Obviously this photo wasn't taken by me.
That's why it's blurr.
My dad don't know how to use my baby =O

It was me, going up the stage to receive my certificate....em...not, certificate cover. =P

#13 Receiving my certificate cover =P

#14 Jayren came to visit us.

And it was Jayren and Xiang. =)

#15 Jiayeen and Jayren.

#16 My mum walking out of the convention centre XD

She's VIP =P

#17 me after receiving my cover. =P

#18 Me and my mummy. =P

#19 Me and my daddy. =P

Hurray~ No more CAT~ XD

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