Hennessy Artistry 2010.

by - Wednesday, October 27, 2010

#1 Are you ready to party? XD
Hennessy Artistry 2010

Date: 23rd of October, Saturday
Time: 9P.M.
Venue: MIECC, Mines.

That day, I was working at Ikano before the event. I brought my outfits and changed at Ikano once after work.

Thanks to Jayren who fetched me right after my work and Packed Char Kway Teow for me so that I can have my dinner in his car.

Well, i forgot to mention that Henry and Dedek tagged along too XD
Sorry to them because they need to smell my Char Kway Teow all the way from Ikano to the destination. LOL.

#2 Look at Henry the macho~ XD

#3 Cool lightings. =P

#4 Wanna have some alcohol?
are you alcoholic enough? XD

#5 Oh yeah! You all finally can see how's my outfit for the day.
Yes, I wore shorts and a Toga Top.
Not girlish enough but I like it. =P

Me and Jayren. ^^

#6 Party is starting........

#7 Zone O for the Media Passes. =P

#8 Liki's brother, Liki, me and Jayren.

I looked more like a jakun holding the Hennessy than a promoter, right? =.=

#9 4 of us again. =P

#10 What do you expect for this event?

#11 Hennessy VSOP.

#12 Me and Edwin.

We looked sucks. =.=

#13 Leng Leng, Me, Edwin and Shannon.

After that, Leng leng keep calling me Pretty girl, I wonder why. LOl

#14 I found a blogger who don't know how to use camera.
Introducing jfook XD

#15 Xiangcool's friend, me and Xiangcool.

#16 I like this lighting. LOl.

Damn cooooool!

#17 Xiangcool, me and Shannon.

#18 Me, Xiangcool, Shannon and Mynjayz.

#19 Me and Vialentino.

#20 Eric Yong and I.

*out of focus =.=*

#21 Simonso, Eric Yong, me and Chloe.

#22 Me and Jeremy Choy.

*Out of focus =.=*

#23 Me and Baboon.

*Out of focus =.=*

#24 COol dance performances but too far for the Zone O People to watch =.=

#25 Me and Smashpop.

#26 Me and Donovan.

#27 Mizz Nina.

Tiny, isn't it? But this is already the best photo. XD

#28 This guy suddenly popped out in nowhere within Zone O. =/

#29 Da Mouth. ^^

#30 Jojo and I.

#31 Me, Liki, Jayren.

I looked damn high in photos, right?
But I wasn't drunk/tipsy/high at all. LOL

I didn't consume much alcohol on that day.
Just a few glasses.

#32 Liki looked so elegant and nice in this photo.

#33 See? I looked so-not-elegant =.=

#34 Ya, I acted cute XD

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