Avira Night Launch.

by - Tuesday, October 26, 2010

#1 When you see this Carlsberg, What are you thinking of?

Oh Well, Thanks to Avira and Smashpop for the invite =)))

Avira Night Launch
Date: 21st of October, Thursday
Time: 7P.M.
Venue: Bridge Bar, G City Club Hotel, Jalan Tun Razak

#2 Some of their finger food. =)

#3 Thanks to Henry for the shot. =)

#4 Me and jfook.

#5 VP of the APAC, Richard Yamamoto.

#6 Emcee of the day.

#7 Launching of the event by Richard Yamamoto.

#8 Their new product.

Avira Super Fast Antivirus Software+ Avira Super Charge Tune Up Utilities. Normal Price is RM489 but now they are having promotion for only RM209.

Don't you want a better Antivirus to protect your computer from any hackers? =)

#9 Models holding the bundle pack with Richard Yamamoto.

#10 Me with the models.
*sorry, I am not as sexy as them =P*

#11 Mynjayz with the models.

#12 The lucky guy, jfook with the unlucky models.

#13 Sexy models. =)

#14 Our group picture but more like Family portrait, isn't it? XD

#15 Grats to Smashpop who won the lucky draw. =P

#16 Vialentino and Richard Yamamoto.

#17 Me and Richard Yamamoto.

#18 Me and Xiangcool.

#19 Our one and only camwhore photo. LoL~
I don't know why Tianchad acted cute LOL.

Wanna know more about Avira Anti-virus Softwares?
Click AVIRA for more details then!

Thanks for viewing ^^

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