My 3rd Baby!

by - Thursday, September 02, 2010

We shall recall the 1st Baby and the 2nd Baby. =)
so now I have babies =P

My 1st Baby, a very normal Casio Digital Compact Camera. =P
With 8 M.P. and BAD quality of screen. =/

Tada! My 2nd Baby~
Canon 1000D. =P
I have posted about it before if you all can recall. =P
Do click HERE to check out the OLD post about this baby =PPP

Now now, this is my 3rd BABY!!!
What's this?
It's an Aqua Lomo! ^^

It's with the casing.
That's why you can take pictures in the water up to 3m. =P
It's cheap and cute~ XD

My 3rd Baby without the casing/shelter/shell. =P

It uses film too. =P

Some Info about this Aqua Lomo
  • Can use in water~ (duh!)
  • Cheap~ (Duh! Duh! =.=)
  • It doesn't even need battery XD
  • Nice and bright colours for the camera body. =P
  • Quality of the picture not BAD =P quite satisfying ^^
You may check out more about this Fantastic Aqua Lomo at HERE! XD

Toodles~ I have 3 babies now. What about you? =P

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