DiGi iPhone 4 Play.

by - Monday, September 27, 2010

Aherm aherm!
Emcee Jiayeen is here again! XD

Now, I am going to start another topic which is related to iPhone 4 too~
which is....iPhone 4's APPLICATIONS!

I heard some said those really high-tech phones like Blackberry, iPhones,
without any nice applications are pretty useless.

Do I get my points right?
I guess so XD since no one commented against it yet =P

Well well, emcee Jiayeen going to continue with this post with the topic "Digi iPhone 4 Play".

Yes, which application I adore the most?
Guess guess guess!

A person who loves to camwhore a lot would love which kinds of applications??
What else?

Yes, a warper! XD
I can warp my face into any funny faces XD


Click HERE to check out more about this application! XD

Ok, I show u an example. =)

This is me with my usual angle while camwhoring. =P

Some said BIG mouth can eat more food?

So how about this?
How much of food can I eat? =P

Girls love SHARP Face, right?

Do I looked prettier like this? =P

Now now, another example.

Now it's without my usual angle but my front angle.
*I looked cute, I know~* XD

Have you ever seen Big TONGUE Monster?

So this is it =P

I remember the oldies always said People with BIG NOSE tend to earn MORE MONEY.
but why am I still poor? T.T

I may looked funny in these photos but I don't care XD
I shall stop this post here.
*The End*

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