DiGi iPhone 4 Real.

by - Monday, September 27, 2010

Is me again, Emcee Jiayeen~

How do you do today? =)
I've already done two "speeches" about iPhone 4, remember?

Now, this is the 3rd one required.
Today's Hot Topic would be "Digi iPhone 4 Real".

Digi, Maxis, Celcom?
Which one you all actually like?

I LOVE Digi!
So I will stick to Digi, of course. =D

When you see this stack of money, what are you thinking of? =P

about what you wanna buy? O_o

How about more and more money?
*kaching kaching*

What am I trying to say?


Now with Digi Plans, you are able to save more than you think of!
More than you can!

So what are you waiting for?
Go apply iPhone 4 plans with DIGI. XD

What do I love about this plan?

1) I can have up to 6 FnF for cheaper calls.
Woah! such a great deal XD Now I can talk non-stop =P without worrying my bill going to hit the bell LOL

2) I only need to pay as low as RM58 per month!
It's better than me paying RM170++ per month. (My current bill amount) =X

3) Free calls, sms, mms to Sub-lines!
After I apply, who wanna sub under me? =P
but u pay the bill ya XD

4) I can have internet usage up to 1GB!
That's a lot for me! I can use it whole month long XD without worrying exceed limit =P

5) 20 MMS for the cheapest plan in the town!
Now now, I can send my pictures to my friends for 20 times! XD

If I am able to win the iPhone 4, I don't need to use this as my communication tools anymore.

I shall say EARLY Bye bye to my beloved walkie XD

With Digi Plans for iPhone 4, I can talk ALL NIGHT LONG.

But for now...I shall continue my phone calls with my walkie =(

*The End*

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