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by - Friday, September 24, 2010

*Aherm Aherm*

Hello, readers!
I am Emcee of the day, Ms. Jiayeen.

Today, I'm going to talk about "Why I want an iPhone 4?"

Now now, the competitors for the Telco have been launching iPhone 4 on the different dates.
I heard that Maxis have launched it few days ago.
Now, DIGI have been launching it on the 24th of September.

For rich dudes and babes, What are you waiting for?
Go grab it!! XD

Why I want an iPhone 4?

The reasons are as easy as ABC. =P

I am still using walkie talkie as my communication tools. =/
*I can go back to ancient world* =/

So, I need some HIGH-TECH phone such as iPhone 4. =P

Which means it supports bluetooth keyboard and it is the first phone which supports it! XD

It is a Superior Speakerphone.

It is better for "OLD" people like me.
I tend to always "HUH HUH? I CAN'T HEAR YOU!" on phone. =P

It has Cloud Sync for notes.

What is it? Curious? Nah! XD

Well, basically "The Notes app" syncs and assigns the label "Notes" to every item. Future searches for "Notes" brings up all of them. You can also sync different notes to different e-mail accounts, so you can keep business and personal notes separate.

Facetime...for Family!

Not the robot face but FACETIME FOR your beloved family. =)
Busy businessmen tend to always have a problem to keep in touch with their kids and spouse.
But with iPhone 4, you can have some FaceTime video calls with your family!
So that you can still keep track on your family XD

Isn't it greeeeeat? =P

5-megapixel camera with 5x digital zoom, HD video capability and on-phone iMovie video editing!!

Do you wanna be a video director too? =P
Perhaps maybe a photographer? XD

*The End*
Please Come again!

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