DiGi iPhone 4 Life.

by - Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Hello, Tuan-tuan dan puan-puan!
Ladies and Gentlemen!

Is me again, Emcee Jiayeen!
Today, I am going to do something for "Digi iPhone 4 Life".

Nope, you are wrong! I will not give speech again. =)
Today, I am going to SING!

Yes, SING but not my voice. =P

"iPhone 4" , created by Jiayeen.
Inspired by "Bilionaire", Travie McCoy feat. Bruno Mars.

*Note* Words in red are the words I changed of the lyrics of the "Bilionaire". =)

I wanna an iPhone 4 so fricking bad,

Holding the phone and waving at the men,


I wanna be on the cover of Phone magazine,

Smiling next to Digi and the kids,

Oh~ Everytime I close my eyes,

*What you see? What you see?*

I see my phone in shining lights,

A different theme every night,


I swear the bloggers better prepare,

For when I own iPhone 4!

*The End*

I have created a video for this post too.
It's a combination of the part of the song and my creation.
Do Enjoy!! XD

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