Why Vampires Suck?

by - Saturday, August 07, 2010

Why vampires sucks?

This is a very good question. XD Lately, many peoples are crazy about Twilight.
Actually, to be frank, they are crazy about EDWARD CULLEN. =/
I'm not. XD

Those peoples are so obssessed of Edward Cullen's Sparkling White Skin and his appearance which will not appears in real life.

Fantasy Fantasy. =)

Now, back to my main topic of the day. =)
Why Vampires Sucks? =D

First and foremost,
They can FLY/RUN without any wings.
So damn fake, k?

Sanitary pads without wings.
Do u feel secured? =/
I don't. =O

Birds without wings.
Can they fly?

Back to the reality, k?
We must be more scientific and realistic XD

They have SPARKLING white skins which everyone craving for.

I don't need to say who is this, right? =/

Look at his skin.
Sparkling white, fair, flawless. =/

SK-II shouldn't find any celebrities as their ambassadors anymore.
Why don't they find Vampires?
If and only if there are vampires XD

No no to SK-II.
We only have to become a VAMPIRE. =D

Just Kidding. =P

For example, this black guy with black skin and no sparkling white skin.

Imagine him after becoming a vampire?
Sparkling white enough? XD

Is there such thing as VEGETARIAN Vampire? =/

How can a Vampire be vegetarian when they requires to suck blood for survivor?
Does veggies provide blood?

Why can't they suck their own's blood?

This is him with the blood.
Don't they feel tempting of their own blood? =D

Their sharp teeth.

How can they CLOSE their mouth when they have such sharp and crooked teeth?

Their speeeeeeeed.

We don't need a sports car anymore since a vampire's speed can beat it. XD

Find a Vampire boyfriend like what Bella did.
Then, you can have a free ride XD

In Twilight movies,
Edward can always find Bella on time.
Fake, yaya, I know. =X

@The end of this post XD @

Hope Nuffnang courteous enough to give me the invites to the Premier Screening of "Vampire Sucks".
Loves you lots ^^

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