What Distance I’d Go for My Other Half.

by - Thursday, August 12, 2010

Hmm Hmm...how far would I go for my other half?
Frankly speaking, I currently do not have any boyfriend so it's quite far for me to figure out.
Well, no matter how, I will try my very best to post about it.
Bare with it, k? =)

Let the story begins here. XD
It's all started with a nerdy boy....
There's one nerdy boy studying at his own corner.

Suddenly..........the nerdy boy ACTUALLY peek at a girl.....
Who is that? =D
Wanna know? =D

Is this girl? this nerdy girl?
Nerd loves nerd? O.o

Nah~ You are wrong! XD

Curious? =P

Oh, Now we know he loves this red-shirt girl very much.
Unexpected ya? =P

One day, this nerd suddenly SHOUTED VERY loud.
What happened? O_O

Jeng jeng jeng, the witch casted a spell on him.
Poor nerd. =(

POOF! There goes the nerd which the girl loves. =(
Nerdy Frog. T.T

How far would I go for my frog prince?

Well well....
I will KISS him so that it will turns back to my prince.
Seems like it doesn't works on a nerd. =/

I will stargaze with him,
it doesn't matter whether the weather is hot or cold,
the night is long or short,
the most important is him...

I will wait for him,
no matter how long it takes,
because I love him...

I will be a clown,
entertain him when he is sad/emo/moody,
even though I know I will look stupid. =/

I will be a fool laughing alone whenever I think of him...

I remember he loves food,
I will accompany him try all kinds of food,
even Indian food or Malay food,
and I am taking weight risk,
but I will still appreciate it very much,
because it's one of our sweet moments...

Don't worry, I will not die for him.....
not that I am not romantic or selfish....
It's because....

Because...my life is borned to love him. =)

Because of him....
I did a lot of impossibles....

Because of him....
I'm active in blogging...

Because of him....
I joined Nuffnang....

I attended all kinds of events,
joined all kinds of contests,
met a lot of new friends and more...

I did photoshoots for my friends,
had liquor,
tried many new things,
tried many new experiences....

I conquered my fear of height....
and stood on the long bridge...

What am I doing all these for?
I only want a peek from him....
*shall not continues with my own stories* XD

So what are you waiting for?
Spread your love to your loved ones before it is too late. =)

Say Hello to Love XD

Love can make you do things that you never thought possible.

The way to love anything is to realize that it might be lost.

I love you more than I can say.

If you are the bird,
I will be the tree,
provides you the shelter and protection;

If you are the flower,
I will be the rain droplet,
provides you moisture and nutrients;

If you are the Sun,
I will be the cloud,
provides you companion and never leave you.

Hope Nuffnang courteous enough to give me the invites.
Muack XD

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