Step Up 3D pre-blog post.

by - Thursday, August 19, 2010

Can you imagine yourself watching Step Up in 3D?
Oh my gosh! I can feel my nerves dancing towards to music beats now! XD

Woah woah!
I shall recall myself doing these steps! XD

When is it gonna be on cinema screen?
Nah! It's 26th of August!

When a blogger post about something on her/his blog, there should be a reason for it.
There's my reason! XD

You get to watch step up 3D 1 day before the screening.
Just follow the simple steps below
Step 1: Go to FEEQSAYS network
Step 2: Log in and post a comment for 2 simple questions.
1. What do you think about Malaysian dancers?
2. Why you want the passes?
Step 3: End your comment with your Email so that Feeqsays can contact you!
That's all! Later, just wait for his email, and he will notify you if you are the winner.
If you are one of the winner, 2 FREE movie passes are for you!
You can blog about the contest, the best 3 blog post will win 2 movie passes and goodies bag from Clinique, Sunsilk, MyC!, Just Dance and Dentyne.

Credits to Baboon for this blog post's details. =)

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