I love to Touch My Skin, Oops! It's Screen.

by - Tuesday, July 06, 2010

I am going to the LG Cookie Monster Party!!!
If and only if Nuffnang gives me the invite! =D

I am going, so are you? =P

Why do I deserve a LG Cookie phone? =/
Hmm....my old/outdated/dying phone came across my mind. =X

I am a Greeeeeeeen-EYED monster with a BIG RED nose! Rawr! =D
Is bunny consider as a monster? There's evil bunny too, right? =D
Rawr! Are you afraid of me now? ^(oO)^
Be aware that I will eat you all up!
I promise that I will treat you all as CARROT? O.O

Since young, I love to communicate with peoples.
I can still remember that I actually bought a pair of toy walkie-talkie,
just to COMMUNICATE/PLAY with my brother. Haha!

Until now, I still keep it. =)
As a memory and collection. =D

Until I have the ability to earn my own money, no matter as promoter or shop keeper.
I decided to buy a REAL phone, not toy but USABLE. =)

At the very beginning, I was very very satisfied with it. =DD

I am very very happy that I got my own phone with my own money. =DD
See? I even posed with it =D
Smiling alllll the way~ =D

After half year or more, I realise the key pad of the phone is very FLAT and HARD to press!
Certain keys need to press as hard as wanna beat people up!
The key pad made me feel so lazy to send any messages to people. T_T

See? I went crazy because of the phone!
It's sooooooo hard to press on the key pads! >.<
Now now, LG just launched a series of touch screen phones.
The Cool LG Cookie 3G, the Sexy LG Cookie Plus and the Cute LG Cookie Fresh! =D

I can now TOUCH the screen and not forcing my key pads to work! ^^
Sayonara~ my old phone~ ^^

In order to show how desperate I am to get LG Cookie,
I decided to write a short message. =)

what's the message?
Are you curious?
Awwww~ Wait!

Look below =P

My message to You all! =D

I want LG Cookiesssssssss!

Why with the "s" ?
Because there are 3 new touch screen phones which are launched by LG! =D

Can you read? =P
Let me teach you how to READ!

I_W-a-n-t_L-G_C-o-o-k-i-e-s!! *wink*

Sorry for scaring you all with this last photo! =D

So, who is the GREEN-eyed Monster now? ^^

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